What is Apitoxin/meaning/concept/elaboration

All animals have some defense mechanism or strategy. In the case of bees, they defend themselves through a poisonous substance, apitoxin. Interestingly, this substance is used to cure some pathologies. Apitoxin/meaning

Apitherapy is a healing discipline used in bee hives with a medicinal focus

Bees provide honey and royal jelly. At the same time, the bite of this insect has been used since ancient times for curative purposes. In this sense, the ancient Egyptians and Chinese tradition already used bees to relieve pain. Likewise, in Hippocratic medicine, honey was used as a healing substance.

On the other hand, rheumatic diseases can be treated with apitoxin, since this substance is a powerful anti-inflammatory and, at the same time, helps to fight autoimmune diseases. This poisonous substance also serves as a natural pain reliever.

To obtain the apitoxin, the venom from the bee sting is extracted and a small part is used to inject into the painful area. Before the injection, it is common to anesthetize the area with ice so that the puncture is as painless as possible. To avoid any risk , therapists who use this technique recommend that their patients have an allergy test to see if they are allergic to this substance.

The medical community is committed to this type of treatment.

Apitherapy supporters claim that bee stings cause inflammation in the body and this circumstance triggers an immune system response to fight inflammation. However, this criterion is not accepted by conventional medicine, as there are no rigorous studies that demonstrate the curative effects of apitoxin.

Finally, the detractors of this procedure consider that its possible risks are greater than the supposed benefits.

Bees play an important role in the balance of ecosystems and in our food .

If a plant has flowers it means that a bee collaborated in its reproduction process . This fact reminds us of a reality : flowers evolved thanks to bees.

The bee’s organism is designed so that the pollen from the flowers joins it perfectly. In a nutshell, these insects are essential for plant pollination.

Thanks to the pollination process, 70% of the seeds, fruits and vegetables consumed worldwide are produced.

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