What is Apathy/meaning/concept/elaboration

Apathy is a concept that comes from Greek and is formed by the prefix “a” which means without, and “pathos” which means emotion. It is a term that expresses the indifference that surrounds us, a feeling of passivity and lack of energy. Those who feel apathy do not have the strength to act and are always unmotivated.

In our language, there are many words that can be synonymous with apathy: sadness, melancholy, passivity, boredom, disinterest, etc.

The word apathy shares the same root as others (empathy, antipathy, sympathy, or pathology), which express some link with emotionality, except in the case of pathology, since pathos means disease.

When talking about apathy there can be several types of interpretation: from a philosophical, religious point of view or as a psychological characteristic

Some philosophical thoughts of antiquity, for example, the stoic philosophy, argued that the best approach to avoid suffering should be apathy, because when you do not feel attachment in relation to persons or to a material there is a peace of mind. Stoic apathy meant a posture towards life, in other words, it was a way to reduce the passions so that they do not have a negative influence on us and, in this way, that people are completely free and happy.

Christianity has been especially critical of apathy, as it is a vital attitude that distances man from his obligations and from God. It should be noted that the Christian religion precisely defends individual commitment and this stance is totally contrary to apathetic behavior .

Psychology treats apathy as a symptom that, in some cases, can result in depression.

When a person says he did not have a good day, it can be said that is apathetic, but if this state of mind is often it’s likely we’re talking about a depressive state. From the point of view of some psychological approaches, apathy has been considered a defense mechanism, an unconscious strategy to reduce the discomfort one suffers.

There are very specific situations related to apathy. One is the spring asthenia, slight discomfort that occurs in this season that is characterized by a number of symptoms: weakness, feeling of tiredness and psychic rebate, and all these characteristics define the state of apathy.

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