What is Anxiety/meaning/concept/elaboration

Anxiety and our body’s response to an unpleasant situation. It could be said that it is a warning reaction from the body itself, a way of indicating that we have some kind of imbalance.

There are many factors that can cause anxiety: a busy and stressful way of life, economic or family problems, a hostile environment , excessive concern for something, consumption of stimulants, etc. It is not common for only one reason to be the cause of anxiety, as there are usually several elements that produce it. There are two words that are generally associated with anxiety: stress and anguish. In fact, it can be said that stress acts as the cause and anxiety as the effect.

On certain occasions, when we talk about this disorder, we usually refer to a physical or psychological suffering that can turn into a more serious problem.


One of the most characteristic symptoms of this disorder is nausea and a feeling of mental disturbance. It is common to experience headaches or tingling in the temples, agitation and tremors in the body. It is also common to have negative thoughts and unwarranted obsessions about death or irrational ideas.

We often have the sensation of shortness of breath, which may be accompanied by tachycardia or chest pressure

Fear is part of anxiety as the individual is paralyzed and distressed by a fear that he cannot control. Even so, experts in human behavior indicate that this disorder leads to a distortion of reality , giving the impression that everything is weird to the point where the individual no longer recognizes himself and no longer knows what is happening around him.

The set of symptoms described shows that affect the individual as a whole, altering his body, mind and emotions.

The physical and psychic reactions of anxiety usually manifest themselves together. If this type of symptom remains for a long time, it is possible to classify this disease as chronic anxiety , better known by the acronyms GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder).

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