What is Animal Kingdom definition/concept

The term animal kingdom refers to the set of living beings that share the same characteristics, as well as to differentiate themselves from others. These characteristics constitute a large number of cells that have a nucleus and organize themselves into tissues and organs; for having the need to consume other living beings to ensure their survival; by the fact that they reproduce sexually; and for adapting to the outside ensuring survival. The term also refers to the ability to move from one place to another, a proven circumstance in most cases, although not in all. Within this group, moreover, they can be distinguished from other subgroups that in turn share the same characteristics. Man is integrated into this group, and within it is the group of vertebrates and mammals.

The animal kingdom needs to classify living beings into different categories. This task was carried out at first in the vegetable kingdom , but it later reached all other living beings. Several controversies arose in its implementation, but over time there was a certain degree of consensus, especially after the contribution of genetics and the  theory of evolution. The animal kingdom is a group of living beings with several accentuated traits that need to be separated from others. The name itself indicates that it refers to animals, but that it also affects insects, worms, crustaceans, etc. Animal Kingdom

The subgroups mentioned that make up the animal kingdom are vertebrates and invertebrates. As its name indicates, in the first case, all living beings that have a backbone are grouped together; in the second group, they are formed by those who do not have it. The second case is the best known and comprises fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The latter have the same characteristic of feeding their puppies in the first days of life through breastfeeding with milk, a substance rich in nutrients. As mentioned above, man is also included in this group, in addition to sharing a more developed intelligence with other members and because he automatically regulates his temperature as a function of the external temperature. Animal Kingdom

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