What is Animal Cause/meaning/concept

The planet is made up of living things. However, not only are humans important, there is also an animal cause that integrates the importance of the welfare of animals seen as similar. It serves to promote an ecological culture that upholds the value of natural law as the balance of a perfect ecosystem. Animal Cause

From this perspective, the movement for the defense and protection of animals is a current that shows a new interpretation of animals seen through empathy.

In other words, animals are living beings and they also have rights that humans should not violate by using them as an instrument

The running of the bulls is part of a social debate created by the defense of animal rights. In it more and more criticism is heard from those who consider this event an art, however, others consider it something inappropriate for developed countries.

Social networks have become an important spokesperson for projecting this type of controversy and making the situation visible in an increasingly globalized context. Animal Cause

animal rights

For this reason, the animal cause also promotes the importance of culture to generate new perspectives on changing traditions. Therefore, behind these movements there is the engine of a new ethics that sees the animal as similar from the perspective of a suffering that can be avoided.

There are many negative consequences of the instrumental use of animals, one of the most serious being the danger of extinction of a species .

Equally serious are the cases of people who adopt a pet to care for at home with the prospect that this animal is a toy (pure entertainment) and do not adopt the necessary commitment for its care, as shown by many abandoned dogs during the period. vacation . Animal Cause

The use of animals in different sectors

This movement is nurtured by activists and people who want to promote this message of defense of animal rights to other sectors. For example, in the field of fashion, the defense of the creation of pieces made from sustainable raw materials is promoted, giving rise to new fabrics.

This debate can also be opened to the field of food , promoting nutritional habits that value products of plant origin.

Animals can also be used for a different purpose: medical research . Precisely, this theme is open to a greater number of positions found, which implies the opportunity to discover new avenues of investigation . Animal Cause

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