What is Anabolism/meaning/concept/elaboration

It is the set of metabolic processes that result in complex substances, starting from simpler ones. The term has a Greek origin and, within this context, “ana” is equivalent to “above”. On the other hand, “catabolism” refers to the opposite process : it is the transformation of complex molecules into much simpler ones, promoting the storage of chemical energy . Anabolism

Importance of this process in sport

It is important to mention that anabolism and catabolism have a special importance in sport , especially in athletics and bodybuilding , allowing to explain the causes of loss or gain of muscle mass, a very precious issue in these practices.

As noted above, the processes of anabolism and catabolism occur naturally and are permanently active. However, in the case of an individual who engages in these practices there is greater attention to anabolism. Anabolism

With the exception of bacteria and some plants or animals, humans feed on others to survive. The ingested nutrients are simplified and the anabolism process facilitates the task of incorporation into the body to satisfactorily maintain vital functions and rebuild tissues.

But if it happens that the person does not incorporate nutrients as appropriate, for whatever reason, the organism in question, with its intention to survive, destroys the tissues to get the energy it needs. The muscles begin to shrink as energy will be put into keeping the nervous system active in the first instance.

Understood this relevance of anabolism with regard to building an organism, it is important to promote it in cases of high performance athletes or bodybuilders. Anabolism

The main recommendation to achieve this goal is that athletes consume foods with a high degree of nutrients in their composition and that this consumption be constant throughout the journey.

In this way, the organism guarantees the necessary energy to be able to grow and develop as it should.

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