What is Amoebas/meaning/concept/elaboration

The first beings that inhabited the Earth were tiny unicellular beings. In animal classification these species are known as protozoa. Within them there are different subspecies: the paramecia, the amoebas and the vorticels. Amoebas

If we focus on amoebas, this microscopic organism lives in water, such as in ponds, lakes and weirs, usually in warm places. It lacks a cell wall, has no nervous system and multiplies asexually. As for its nutrition , it feeds on decaying particles. Only a few amoebas become organisms that parasitize the human gut.

To prevent them from reaching the intestine, it is recommended to chlorinate the water and filter it. Likewise, it is convenient to adopt hygiene measures with raw foods and to avoid the consumption of fruits without peeling.

Amebiasis is a parasitic disease

When amoebas are deposited in the intestines, amoebiasis occurs. This circumstance can trigger some pathologies: invasive colitis, dysenteric syndrome or even fulminant colitis (in the latter case, it is a disease that can be fatal). In some exceptional cases, the presence of amoebae in the intestine causes appendicitis or liver problems. Amebiasis can spread to other organs such as the lung and brain . Amoebas

This disease usually occurs in tropical countries. It should be noted that natives are already immunized to these parasites, while non-natives have a weaker immune system in relation to the presence of amoebae in the body.

The risk factors associated with amoebiasis are: lack of hygiene in food, unprotected sexual practices and, in particular, drinking water contaminated by amoebas.

The most common medical treatment for this type of infection is to administer luminal amoebicides, a drug that helps combat the most common symptoms. As for the diet, it is recommended that the first ones are lighter. As a general criterion, amoebiasis can be cured in approximately three weeks. Amoebas

Home Remedies for Amebiasis

In addition to conventional medical treatments, there are other alternatives to eliminate amoebas and parasites. Among the most popular home remedies, we can highlight a few: a mixture of onion with honey, crushed papaya seeds, castor oil in a glass of milk, garlic water or lemon seeds mixed with water. Amoebas

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