What is Amish/meaning/concept/elaboration

In the 16th century, in the territories of present-day Germany and Switzerland, the Mennonite community emerged, an Anabaptist Christian current that expanded to Russia and then to the United States. In the 18th century, a splinter branch was formed, called the Amish. This group is named after its founder Jacob Ammann.

Currently, the diverse Amish communities are found mainly in the United States, Canada, Bolivia and Argentina. It is estimated that there are around 200,000 worldwide and most continue to use a German dialect.

Beliefs, customs and everyday life

From a religious point of view, the Amish follow the Bible according to a very strict interpretation, but in their communities there is no religious hierarchy . They believe that electricity , music, dances and radio are contrary to the Holy Scriptures and that is why they live according to the habits of 200 years ago. In this sense, they do not use motorized vehicles, but move around in cars guided by horses.

They dress in the old-fashioned way and in dark colors, men shave when they get married

At 16, they come into contact with society for a period of time and then make a decision: return to Amish life or abandon it.

The life of the Amish is peaceful, centered on farming or ranching and distant from society. They have their own laws and when an Amish violates established norms they must publicly show their repentance in front of the entire community. Each Amish community has its own codes and rules, the ordnung.

the other side of the amish

If an Amish decides to leave the community, he cannot return under any circumstances , nor can he even maintain contact with his family . Due to this isolation and inbreeding, the Amish developed some genetic mutations that led to mental problems as well as movement disorders and recessive illnesses.

From a cultural point of view, their knowledge is very scarce, as schools are limited to studying the Bible and the most basic elements of mathematics.

In recent years, some members of these communities have rebelled and expressed their discontent with the strict rules of conduct to be followed. This rebellious attitude resulted in them rejecting their community. There were also cases of sexual abuse against children and for this reason they were tried by the ordinary courts of justice .

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