What is American Dream definition/concept

In the early 17th century, English Puritan settlers who were being persecuted in their home territories settled on the east coast of the United States. As time went by, more European settlers arrived, mainly Germans, Dutch and French. In the following centuries, there was a wave of migration from all corners of the planet. The United States is a welcoming nation that provides opportunity for millions of people. American Dream

It is in view of this historical landmark that the idea of ​​the American dream, in English, American dream, must be contextualized. Like other concepts, this one can be interpreted from two different perspectives.

A land of welcome where it is possible to dream of a better life

In general, Americans are proud of their nation and their history. This sense of pride is manifested in some national slogans, such as “the land of the opportunity”, “the American way of life“, the “manifest destiny” or the “American dream” itself. American Dream

For the new inhabitants who have found a new opportunity, it is possible to affirm that the United States is a nation where individual dreams can come true .

There are many examples that emphasize this circumstance:

1) the arrival of Irish Catholics in 1848 at a time when there was a poor potato harvest in Ireland;

2) the mass migration of Italians in the 19th and 20th centuries, when they had to flee their country due to poverty conditions;

3) the arrival of Jews from all over the world fleeing persecution in their home countries;

4) Cuban exiles who settled in Florida fleeing the Cuban Revolution;

5) migration from the Nordic countries in times of famine;

6) the group of religious groups persecuted in their nations and that finally found a land of welcome.

In these and many other cases there is no doubt that the United States has allowed the dream of a better life to be finally achieved. American Dream

The american dream has a different side of the coin

The African slaves who came to the United States did not fulfill any dreams. The Chinese workers who built the railway lines did not have an exhilarating life experience.

California’s gold rush has attracted hundreds of thousands of immigrants from around the world, but very few have achieved the “Californian dream.”

Every year, thousands of Latin Americans who cross the border illegally are found dead, often from hypothermia, drowning or dehydration. American Dream

In all these cases the American dream has really been a nightmare.

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