What is Allowable/meaning/concept/elaboration

The adjective admissible is used to indicate something that is acceptable or valid for some reason. The classification of something as permissible (for example, a conduct ) involves meeting certain requirements or conditions. These requirements can be legal or moral. What is Allowable?

Admissible and inadmissible evidence in the field of justice

When judging any subject, the judge must be based on concrete evidence. However, not all proven facts are legally admissible. It should be made clear that the taking of evidence must be done within the law, otherwise the evidence will be considered inadmissible.

This circumstance generates curious and paradoxical situations, since there may be convincing evidence against someone, but not legally valid because the law considers them inadmissible for some reason (because of how they were obtained or because they go against established legal guarantees). From a legal point of view, only certain type of evidence is admitted. What is Allowable?

Certain legal proceedings are valid and others are not, a circumstance that affects appeals (only some appeals are admissible under the law). What is Allowable?

The behavior of others is considered admissible or inadmissible depending on our moral principles.

When I say that not paying taxes is unacceptable behavior, I express two possible ideas:

1) That it is an action contrary to the law;

2) That it seems morally unacceptable to me not to comply with tax obligations.

Consequently, my statement has a legal and a moral dimension. Our moral principles are those that allow us to say whether something is good or bad, that is, admissible or inadmissible.

Conducts considered good and associated with a particular moral value ( justice , loyalty or generosity) are acceptable . Behaviors assessed as immoral, unfair, independent or selfish are inadmissible. What is Allowable?

However, on certain occasions, it is difficult to determine whether something is morally permissible or not.

If we think about euthanasia, there are people who support the right to die with dignity (they consider this practice ethically acceptable), while for others euthanasia is totally unacceptable.

In colloquial language it is common to hear the exclamation “This is inadmissible!” This expression is usually used to indicate that a situation is totally unfair. What is Allowable?

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