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Some neurological disorders affect language . Thus, the various language problems that originate from some brain anomaly are known as aphasias. And one of those aphasias is alexia. It consists of the loss of understanding of written language. This means that a person knows how to identify written language and reads normally, but as a result of a brain accident, their ability to identify linguistic signs is significantly reduced. Alexia

Alexia is usually a problem that affects the language as a whole, as people who suffer from this disorder have difficulties speaking, reading and writing.

Not all alexias are the same

This disorder does not have a single pattern. In fact, there are several types of alexias and their manifestation presents different alternatives:

1) When language problems basically affect reading . This circumstance is related to lesions in the occipital region of the brain ; Alexia

2) When reading problems are related to another disorder: agraphia. This disorder is a specific alteration in writing that is usually associated with lesions in the prefrontal region of the brain;

3) When the limitations affect the oral language in a severe way, affecting the frontal region of the brain;

4) When the changes affect reading comprehension, which is related to the right hemisphere of the brain. As a general rule, alexia and agraphia are presented together. Alexia

Scholars of the human brain claim that alexia happens because of a disconnect between the visual information of one cerebral hemisphere and the language area of ​​the opposite hemisphere.

possible consequences

The most characteristic trait of human beings is the ability to articulate a language. From an evolutionary point of view, we first learned to speak and after thousands of years we were able to create alphabets, thus, we idealized writing as a means of communication . If a person has a language disorder like alexia, their personal circumstances may be affected. Alexia

First of all, this type of disorder creates communication problems, but also school problems, social rejection , isolation, etc. In this sense, it should be noted that an individual who suffers a cerebrovascular accident and causes severe alexia becomes illiterate, a circumstance that affects all areas of their life. In these cases, a rehabilitation process aimed at recovering language is necessary.

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