What is Alcatraz/meaning/concept/elaboration

Prison, jail, prison or penitentiary center are some equivalent names, as they all refer to a precinct where prisoners are confined for having committed a crime. The prison Alcatraz is currently one of the most typical tourist visits for those traveling to the city of San Francisco. In relation to its location exact, it is located on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, California. Alcatraz

Between 1934 and 1963 it was a high security penitentiary center

Before becoming a prison, it was a military fortification, built in the 18th century by the Spaniards with the intention of controlling the access to the San Francisco Bay, and its first name was “Ilha dos Alcatrazes”. It was named after Spanish naval lieutenant Juan Manuel de Ayala.

Later, this place served as a penitentiary center to house military prisoners during the US Civil War.

The prison population of this prison, popularly known as “the Rock”, included some of the most famous criminals.

In their cells were the mobsters Al Capone and George Barnes, as well as murderers like Alvin Karpis and George Robert Stroud (the latter was known as “the bird man” and his life in prison was brought to the cinema by Burt Lancaster through the film ” The Alcatraz Man”). Alcatraz

In 1962, three prisoners organized an ingenious seven-month escape plan and managed to escape the prison and escape the island on a raft made of raincoats. They were never found and all sorts of stories were told about them: some researchers claim that they fled to Brazil, but according to the official version they drowned in the cold waters of the São Francisco Bay. Alcatraz

Data of interest

– In 1963 the prison was closed due to high maintenance costs .

– Among the most remarkable stories about this place, some episodes of paranormal phenomena stand out.

– Despite its reputation as a sinister penitentiary, the prisoners had sports facilities, were well fed and had hot water. The recluse population carried out recreational activities and it is worth noting that Al Capone was part of a band playing the banjo. Alcatraz

– To try to prevent possible escape attempts, prison officials spread false but very effective news: that there were sharks in the waters of the San Francisco Bay.

– In 1969, a group of Native Americans occupied the island for a year and a half. With this action they claimed that the island would become a reserve for the population of Sious and Lakota Indians.

– Currently, Alcatraz Island is integrated into the US national park system .

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