What is Agrochemicals/meaning/concept

Agrochemicals are organic substances designed to optimize agricultural and livestock activities. Agrochemicals are used for several reasons.

1) because plants also undergo changes and certain nutrients are useful to keep them in good condition ;

2) to prevent pests that could destroy crops;

3) to increase agricultural production and the economic benefit of the farmer;

4) so ​​that the food obtained is cheaper for the consumer.

Prevention with the handling of agrochemicals

Contain toxic substances and experts advise adopting a series of measures to prevent health problems. The first recommendation is to purchase products through an authorized distributor . We recommend the use of protective equipment and the use of appropriate applications for each situation. It is necessary to treat the empty packaging according to hygiene criteria, for example, triple wash the packaging and perforate them so that they are not used later. The safety standards for the storage of agrochemicals must be respected, in addition to the transport of these products.

The dark side of agrochemicals

There are many criticisms regarding the use of agrochemicals in agriculture and livestock, among the most significant are:

– Many of the herbicides used contain glyphosate (a substance that some consider very harmful to human health, while some claim that glyphosate produces cancer).

– The use of fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides is subject to harsh criticism from those who believe that there is a relationship between these products and malformations in newborns.

– Agrochemicals are not only potentially dangerous products for human health, but they deal with hazardous waste that can have harmful consequences for the environment and for some species of animals (especially amphibians).

A complex dilemma

The benefits of agrochemical substances are evident as well as disadvantages. Human beings are faced with a dilemma that can be expressed through the following questions: Would agriculture without agrochemicals be possible? Could the consumption of food as we know it maintains itself without these substances? Are there any viable alternatives for agrochemicals?

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