What is Agreement/meaning/concept

There is an agreement when there is a consensus of collaboration between several parties. So, if two people come to a pact with some purpose, it means they are creating a kind of bond or relationship. Likewise, two or more organizations enter into an agreement when they sign some relationship pact, whether social , economic or political.

Regardless of who the protagonists of the consensus or pact are, in every agreement there is a commitment shared by each of the participating parties

It should be noted that this is an agreement and, therefore, all parties involved must actively collaborate.

On the other hand, in this type of alliance there is a mutual gain, since the parties involved are able to look after their own interests.

Looking at examples to explain the term

Agreement can take place in any sphere of society , but it usually takes place between entities with a social aspect. Thus, a group of different political parties, but with elements in common, decide to join a collective platform because they understand that this strategy is beneficial to everyone as a whole. In other words, your collaboration agreement follows a simple reason: the sum of all is more effective than the individual capacity of each group.

In the field of education there is a specific modality, agreed teaching. This concert agreement consists of a pact between two parties: the state administration and some private schools. In this way, the administration is responsible for the costs of the educational activity (for example, teachers’ salaries) and in exchange for this help the school undertakes a series of obligations (for example, free education).

In matters related to employment, it is common for business organizations, unions and governments to maintain an ongoing dialogue to reach agreements on wages and working conditions. When that happens, you talk about the social agreement. The idea of ​​these forums is quite clear: to reach some kind of agreement that allows establishing a general framework for action. In general, every social agreement seeks understanding formulas from which labor relations are fruitful for each of the sectors involved.

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