What is Afforestation/meaning/concept

Afforestation is the process by which trees are extensively planted in order to counteract the logging that was done in the past. It fits well with a methodology of taking care of the habitat and preventing plant or animal species from being lost by human action. Afforestation can take many years to complete, as there is a rational use of resources . In fact, some trees take a long time to reach adult stature, a considerable circumstance in the relationship between trees that have been felled and planted, but which must be recovered. Afforestation

The process described is carried out especially when the trees in question represent a source of goods or raw materials for their development. In fact, the fact that there is an abundant need for wood to maintain a productive activity makes the loss of trees a problem to be considered in the future. This circumstance endangers this activity, in addition to causing environmental damage. In order to avoid this situation, the replacement of used trees is foreseen. This type of procedure takes place today as a result of awareness regarding the use of natural resources . In this sense, there has been a huge advance, allowing both plant and animal species to have some kind of protection in relation toman’s economic activity . Afforestation

No doubt the practice of afforestation has a few years of existence, but it has been seriously considered only in recent years. In the past, the attitude that was had with natural resources was so abundant that it meant a waste of time and the need to recover these resources. However, as time goes by and the economy grows, this circumstance has been revised. In fact, in the past an attitude of this magnitude was considered costly from an economic point of view, but nowadays it is considered much more expensive with the loss of entire forests. In addition to the environmental damage, there is a drop in the supply of wood and thus the price increase. With time and the advancement of techniques in relation to this activity, more efficient results will certainly appear. Afforestation

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