What is Affability/meaning/concept/elaboration

One of the most socially valued qualities is affability. Consists in treating a friendly relationship with others, so who behaves in this way is an affable, ie a person kind, respectful and loving.

Affable treatment facilitates social relationships

If a person has the habit of relating to his fellow men with warmth and respect, he is practicing a virtue: affability. This virtue is part of a series of behavior patterns :

– A friendly and close attitude;

– The use of kind and polite words;

– A cordial and respectful disposition;

– Gestures that express empathy with others.

These behavioral habits are clear examples of affable people. This type of behavior has an obvious social utility , as these habits facilitate human relationships . It should be noted that affability is normally a round-trip mechanism. We are respectful with others and in return we receive respect.

the other side of the coin

Affability is a quality as long as it is sincere. In this sense, affability can become a useful strategy for those with hidden interests or bad intentions. In fact, when a stranger is very kind to us, it can generate distrust and questioning to know if he is really kind or not, on the contrary, his attitude hides something.

The moral issue of affability

The quality analyzed so far can be valued from a moral and philosophical point of view . When I ask myself if I should be affable in my social relationships , I can offer several answers:

1) Because it’s my way of being;

2) Because it is a socially useful strategy;

3) Because it’s my moral obligation .

This last answer has an evident ethical component, as it is based on the principle of treating others the same way we would like to be treated.

learn to be kind

Affability as a virtue is not born spontaneously, but we can learn from our fellow men, in a very special way in the family environment, at school and at work. If a person lives in a violent and marginal social context, it is very likely that they are not attentive, polite and affectionate.

On the other hand, when a person is educated and lives in a respectful and affectionate climate, he is likely to become a friendly and affable person.

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