What is Aesthetic Medicine definition/concept

The aesthetic factor and health are not independent concepts, as shown by the specialization of aesthetic medicine , as a way to enhance the beauty of men and women. What counts is to put this beauty in connection with the welfare internal person . It is a type of medicine that has advanced technology.

The types of these treatments most demanded by clients are those aimed at facial rejuvenation. In this type of case, a person who has visible signs of wrinkles can make the decision to undergo a treatment to correct these lines of expression and recover more look young .

Treatments without surgical intervention

Likewise, it works in the field of prevention to increase long-term well-being. Aesthetic medicine also offers solutions to remove blemishes and treat acne as well as scars.

It should be noted that aesthetic medicine enhances the beauty of patients, however, through non-invasive treatments that do not require surgical intervention . The patient does not enter the operating room to undergo surgery. Aesthetic medicine improves the patient’s external appearance.

One of the most demanded treatments in aesthetic medicine today is photodepilation, a method that is used to remove facial and body hair. Likewise, peeling is a facial treatment that hydrates the skin, giving the face a radiance. This is a less invasive treatment than a facelift, as it requires surgical intervention.

An aesthetic medicine center is a place specialized in performing facial and body treatments of an aesthetic nature. Through these treatments, patients can recover their self-esteem through an improvement in their image. But there are certain occasions where an aesthetic “imperfection” is complicated, generating insecurity for the patient.

Factors Influencing Skin Health

Aesthetic medicine treatments are in high demand because the health of the skin is not only influenced by genetics and the passage of time, but also by external and internal factors, such as environmental pollution, lifestyle, a diet lacking in fruits and vegetables. or for lack of rest.

Botox is another of the most demanded treatments in aesthetic medicine to correct wrinkles.

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