What is Advent Crown definition/concept

In Christian tradition, the time of advent is the time when the coming of Jesus Christ is expected. Therefore, it is a period of spiritual preparation to celebrate Christmas. This period starts four Sundays before this celebration. Advent Crown

The term advent comes from the Latin adventus, which literally means coming or arriving.

The advent wreath is a symbol of hope, as the light of Jesus Christ will triumph over darkness and death

Also known as a wreath, it has a clear symbolic meaning. This element serves to help Christian families prepare for Christmas. In fact, this is the first ad about Christmas. It represents the hope of the people of Israel with the promised Messiah. Advent Crown

The crown has a circular shape, which expresses the idea of ​​eternity associated with God. Its green branches symbolize hope, as well as spiritual growth and the attitude of active hope in the Creator. At the same time, it is worth remembering the importance of being prepared and with an open mind to receive Jesus Christ.

If the crown is surrounded by some red ornament, it means that there is reference to God’s love for men, as well as the love of men for Him. If the crown has white branches or ribbons, this element symbolizes the idea of ​​purity.

Four separate candles are placed on the wreath, symbolizing the four Sundays prior to the arrival of Christmas. On the first Sunday, one candle is lit and so on until reaching four candles. Finally, the wreath is decorated with a white candle that is lit during the night of December 24th and represents the light of Christmas.

During the celebration of the Eucharist on the third Sunday, a pink candle is lit to express the joy of the arrival of Christmas. During the event, the ornaments of the priest and the altar are pink and, in this way, the faithful are invited to participate in the joy of the Christmas period. Advent Crown

From a liturgical point of view

The first Sunday of Advent liturgy focuses on the coming of the Lord at the end of time. On the second Sunday, the infidels are invited to maintain an attitude of permanent conversion. The third Sunday Mass announces the welcome of the Lord and this day is known as Gaudete. Finally, on the fourth Sunday, the liturgical act refers to the advent of the child of God into the world. During this period the decoration of the altar is more austere and, on the other hand, the song of glory is omitted. Advent Crown

Three biblical figures related to this period

The advent time is related to three biblical figures: Saint John the Baptist, the prophet Isaiah and Mary. The first announced the Lord’s plans of salvation. The second caused men to leave their indifferent attitude towards God. Mary symbolizes faith and the testimony of life, as she carried the Savior in her womb. Advent Crown

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