What is Admonition/meaning/concept

An admonition refers to a warning or admonition addressed to someone with the intention of correcting an irregularly performed performance . What is Admonition?

General Admonition Procedure

There are two protagonists involved: the individual or institution that imposes the admonition and the person being admonished. The former usually has a recognized and legitimate authority. On the other hand, the person receiving the admonition acts improperly.

Between the one who punishes and the one who is sanctioned, there is a regulation or regulation that specifies which behaviors are censored, in addition to the reasons and types of sanctions to be applied. What is Admonition?

Various contexts related to the idea of ​​admonition

In the world of sport there is the figure of the judge or referee. His task is clear: make the athletes develop their activity respecting the rules. If during the competition there is any undue action, the referee can impose some kind of warning, which can be a verbal warning or more explicit, such as applying a yellow card in the case of football. What is Admonition?

In the school environment, students must comply with the rules of coexistence . If there is inappropriate behavior , the teacher must apply the disciplinary regime and impose some kind of admonition.

In the work context, there are admonitions when the employee commits some light and specific offense (for example, a delay in entering or absent with respect to a superior). In these cases, the warning notice may be verbal or written. If there is an accumulation in the number of warnings, there is the possibility of the person being fired by the company.

Respect for established standards

In most human activities , there are specific norms that serve as a reference. The circulation code, the disciplinary regime of a school and the labor regulations are clear examples of norms that must be respected for the proper functioning of the activity. What is Admonition?

In either of these circumstances, admonitions act as an element of coercion and are usually accompanied by fines, penalties or punishments. The individual is admonished when he does not comply with an established norm and, consequently, has to take some kind of punishment. If the mechanism of admonitions is not correctly applied, the activity to be carried out becomes chaos, with injustice and disorder prevailing.

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