What is Adaptation/meaning/concept/elaboration

Adaptation is the quality of adapting to a given situation. Man is an eminently adaptive being.

From a physical point of view, humans are able to adapt to any type of food , in fact, they are omnivorous beings. In relation to the climate, we can live in areas of extreme heat or so of intense cold. Living conditions in general are very varied. This peculiarity of the human being makes it an animal of great plasticity, because people are not obliged to live in a specific habitat as is the case with most living beings.

There are certain elements that interfere with our capacity for accommodation: curiosity, the survival instinct, the desire to excel and, in a special way, intelligence .

Obviously, our adaptation is a process that has been consolidated through evolution . For thousands of years, techniques have been incorporated to get people used to all sorts of situations. The intervention of fire, the wheel, mathematics and agriculture are human creations that respond to certain needs. It is man’s intelligence and his ability to solve problems that allow him to adapt with relative ease.

Technological and social changes provoke new strategies so that man is not lost or displaced. In a way, life is a constant change, which makes individuals look for a certain accommodation due to the circumstances that arise at the moment.

It should not be thought that adaptation is something immediate and easy to carry out. In general, it is necessary to overcome the transition period, as well as the old system , and thus begin a gradual familiarization with the new model. For example, as with young children, when they stop staying with their parents and start attending school, a difficult phase occurs. For a while, they tend to cry and express rejection to classes and to this new situation. This is usually a short period of time, as they quickly get used to the change.

In old age, the ability to adapt generally decreases, although each case is different. There are people who maintain their curiosity and don’t have serious difficulties in learning new things.

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