What is Acupuncture/meaning/concept

Medicine is the discipline that cures illnesses. It is knowledge with several branches and that depends on the part of the body that is intended to be healed. Each culture has its own medical tradition. And acupuncture is a healing technique belonging to Asian culture, especially China.

Acupuncture understands the human body as a whole and each of its parts are connected through meridians distributed at specific points. The healing technique through acupuncture is based on the use of small needles that are implanted in strategic points of the human body. The concept of illness in Chinese medicine is different from the Western idea. Since the beginning of acupuncture, it is considered that the correct application of needles helps the body to return to its natural balance. To make a pre-diagnosis, the acupuncturist looks at some parts of the body and sees the pulse in key areas. Next, the needles or moxas (a type of cone that heats up and has the same function as the needles) are distributed .

Acupuncture can be applied in the treatment of various ailments, although it is only recommended to relieve pain and restore vital energy in the human body.

Acupuncture is an ancient technique spread throughout the world. However, it is a controversial method , as some experts believe that there is no scientific value . On the other hand, critics of this technique rely on the placebo effect, that is, the patient is convinced of his own cure.

In relation to this controversy, the World Health Organization recognized the benefits of this technique for the treatment of some diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine , more specifically acupuncture, is influenced by its cultural tradition (Taoism and Buddhism). The human body is not like a machine with parts that can be fixed, but an organism with internal energy that in turn is connected to nature.

Traditional Western medicine has slowly incorporated acupuncture, as studies believe its usefulness. On the other hand, it has no harmful side effects. In any case, health authorities recommend that patients ensure the origin of doctors who practice this discipline.

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