What is Absolute Zero/concept/elaboration

The concept of absolute zero does not refer to the conventional zero degrees of the Celsius scale , but is related to an extreme measure of cold. More specifically, absolute zero is, according to some scientists, the tendency of the universe towards definitive freezing.

From the point of view of physics, the idea of ​​absolute zero emerged in the 19th century, when the absolute scale of temperature was determined and it was concluded that nothing can be colder than absolute zero, that is, the state that atoms no longer produce. energy .

The fundamental idea of ​​the concept

Those who study the universe remember that all the heat and energy that was present at the beginning of time (the so-called Bing Bang) slowly and gradually evaporates. Consequently, if the heat is reduced to a certain speed, it means that there will come a time when there will be no more heat or energy, thus, the cold will necessarily take over the entire universe. This gradual even if constant (freezing) trend is called absolute zero. In other words, absolute zero represents the possible ending of the universe.

The scarcity of energy that little by little happens in the universe as a whole is an inexorable process , therefore, at some point, there will be no more energy. Thus, absolute zero is the same as the power outage that is predicted to occur in the distant future, but it is not easy to calculate when.

The consequences of absolute zero and the end of the universe

According to experts on this phenomenon, when absolute zero takes over the sun, the planets will be totally destroyed. In this way, there will be no chemical reactions or biological reactions and life as we understand it today will cease to exist.

Scholars of the universe claim that the idea of ​​absolute zero can be compared to a clock that no longer has winding and stops working. On the other hand, absolute zero equals nothing, a concept difficult for the human mind to understand. Thinking of a universe with nothing is the same as imagining the totality of reality without stars or black needles. There will be no more neutrons or protons, just darkness and cold.

The idea of ​​absolute zero reminds us of some mythological or religious accounts, that is, the end of time or the destruction of humanity by some catastrophe

Given the trend of absolute zero (a fact that involves the end of the universe) some scientists claim that it is not so evident that the universe can disappear, since the existence of dark energy demonstrates that the universe expands permanently.

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