What is Abrahamic Religions definition/concept

Abraham is one of the great patriarchs that appear in the Bible. He was born in the city of Ur, in ancient Chaldea and was chosen by God to guide his people before the future arrival of the Messiah to the world. God took him to the Promised Land and along with his wife Sarah, his nephew Lot and other close relatives they went to Canaan, a territory that would later be called Palestine or Judea. Abrahamic Religions

God and Abraham sealed a covenant that all their descendants would populate the world. As a symbol of such a covenant, all Hebrew men are circumcised.

Furthermore, God told Abraham that he would have a new son and from his descendants would arise the chosen people. When his wife Sara was 90 years old, their son Isaac was born. In time God asked him to sacrifice his son and when he was about to obey the divine command he was stopped by an angel. Faith in the Lord’s promise made Abraham the father of believers. Abrahamic Religions

Judaism, Christianity and the Muslim religion are closely linked by the figure of Abraham

The story of Abraham is considered to be the origin of the three great monotheistic religions, namely, Judaism, Christianity and the Islamic religion. All have great coincidences and can be understood as versions that emerged in different historical contexts. For this reason, one speaks of Abrahamic religions.

Muslims are considered descendants of Ishmael, the son Abraham had by the Egyptian slave Hagar, as his legitimate wife, Sarah, was for many years an infertile woman . For Muslims Abraham is a “compassionate father”.

Likewise, the Jewish people are considered descendants of Isaac. On the other hand, Jesus of Nazareth, the founder of Christianity, comes from the successor lineage of Isaac.

Although the Abrahamic religions have a remote common origin and some similar doctrines there are very significant differences.

Traditional Judaism is based on the Torah or Old Testament , as well as other sacred books, especially the Talmud.

In Christianity, in its Catholic version, the Old Testament is recognized from the historical point of view, but the fundamental text of Christians is the New Testament, because in it appears the Messiah announced in the Old Testament, that is, Jesus Christ.

From the point of view of Muslims, the Bible is a “corrupt” text that only accepts some parts, since the book that must be followed by believers is the Koran, whose contents were received by the prophet Mohammed through the intermediation of the archangel St. Gabriel .

In short, the three religions are based on the belief of one God and the prophet Abraham is related to all of them. Those who emphasize coincidences between the Abrahamic religions consider that doctrinal clashes between Jews, Christians and Muslims should be abandoned and replaced by an ecumenical movement .

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