What is 5 Star Hotel definition/concept

Hotel establishments can be classified in many ways, as there are urban, beach or rural areas, for exclusive clients or conventional tourists, with or without complementary services. Each establishment usually has a general customer profile. On the other hand, to determine the category of a hotel, a blue badge is used on the door and inside the establishment with a certain number of stars ranging from one to five. The hotels of higher category contain 5 stars, but recently there have been hotels with 6 and 7 stars, which we will see later in this article . 5 Star Hotel

Although this categorization is an international convention, each country has its own system for distributing the stars in each establishment (in some countries the category is designed by the state and in others by hotel associations).

General criteria for obtaining a 5-star rating

These are hotels with a minimum number of rooms. Likewise, the size of the rooms and other dependencies must reach a determined minimum surface. 5 Star Hotel

It is necessary that the establishment offers basic services: air conditioning, telephone, television, safety box , complete bathroom, a minimum number of elevators, corridors with specific measures, etc.

In addition to the established minimums, they have complementary services that provide all kinds of comfort to customers, such as parking , spacious lounges, leisure areas, room services, à la carte restaurants, luggage transport services, etc.

The importance of small details

Regardless of the criteria for assigning the rating 5 stars, these hotels have sought to the most of the little details. Thus, the mattresses are of high quality , the bed is made with some special detail, the bed linen is changed daily and some services are available for 24 hours. 5 Star Hotel

Some hotels have, in addition to the 5-star category, the GL indication, which means great luxury. In countries like Dubai and Qatar there are six and seven star hotels. 5 Star Hotel

While European and American standards state that 5 stars is the highest category, some properties advertise a higher number of stars. Of course, in these hotels the concept of luxury is pushed to the limit. The customer profile is very exclusive, as the price per room can only be paid by a minority.

In these establishments it is very common for the customer to be transported in a Rolls Royce or a luxury yacht, in addition, the rooms have all kinds of personalized service.

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