What does an HR professional do/5 tasks to do

With the holiday season approaching, it is also time for families to get together to socialize. Therefore, it is inevitable that some questions will arise, such as: “What about the girlfriends?”, “When will he get married?”, “When will the children come?”. But one of the champions at family gatherings is: “What does HR really do?” What does an HR professional do?

At this point, no matter how much we explain to our family members how an HR professional works , it seems that it is always difficult to make them understand clearly and objectively.

This is because, for some people who do not deeply know the area of ​​human resources , the sector is still confused with the Personnel Department, that is, an area that only takes care of bureaucratic tasks, such as time control and payroll.

In short, it is not an easy task to demonstrate that HR is a combination of skills, strategies and practices that aim to manage employee behavior and enhance their development within an organization. 

After all, what does the HR professional do?

With the automation of the human resources area , some repetitive tasks in the sector were replaced by activities that really add value to the company. The intention is for all this technology to work for people.

Therefore, you can emphasize to your family members that the main purpose of an HR professional within the company is to put people first , working on actions and strategies that make the employees’ experience as constructive as possible.

The intention is that the best professionals in the market see the organization as a great option for the development of their career and their productive potential. In addition, you can also be more specific and detail the day to day of an HR professional. Get to know some more tips now! What does an HR professional do?

1. Explaining Recruitment and Selection

This is one of the most important roles played by the HR professional. You can explain to your family members that when they refer your son or nephew to a vacancy, which may even be at your company, your role is not only to recommend that person for the vacancy, but also to identify if they have the behavioral skills that a given position requires.

In addition, you can point out that, in the same way that the Tinder application seeks to unite couples who have common interests and complementary characteristics, HR manages to choose the candidate who “matches” the vacancy , contributing to the professional’s feel good performing his duties within the company, resulting in an incredible performance on his part and the best results for the business.

2. Explaining People Analytics

Do you know when Netflix proposes movie and series suggestions for its user? Or when, when accessing your social networks, ads appear from that TV you recently searched on a retail site? Before your relatives despair that they are being stalked by a hacker, you can demonstrate to them that this is nothing but big data.

In addition, you can also explain the People Analytics methodology based on these same examples to your family. That’s because People Analytics shares the same concept as Big Data , that is, the immense volume of data that, thanks to the advancement of technology, is collected about the population’s tastes, aptitudes and interests, but with a focus on people management .

Of course, these data are not obtained alone. So, also explain that, for this task, you have HR software with behavioral profile mapping. Therefore, through the correct collection and reading of this data, you can be more accurate in the correct choice of the ideal candidate for a position, knowing which tasks motivate and engage each one of them, for example. What does an HR professional do?

In this way, you can be more strategic and effective in boosting your company’s human capital, and you can even identify management problems and find the best alternatives to solve them.

3. Explaining the Employer branding and experience

When you arrive for your family’s Christmas dinner, it’s undeniable that everyone will notice if the supper is tasty, if the décor is cozy or if everyone bought the hidden friend’s gift, for example.

In this sense, by fulfilling their role in preparing this moment so that it is as pleasant as possible, each family member generates the success of the event, causing a positive perception of everyone, causing the desire to repeat it every time. years old.

Likewise, you can show your relatives and friends how essential it is to create a good perception of the company, both in the market and among team members.

Therefore, one of the main functions of HR within a company is to apply employer branding , a concept that refers to a set of techniques with the objective of creating a positive image of the company in the market.

For this, you encourage the marketing team to feed the company’s social networks with videos about the work environment, testimonials from employees and articles about the business’s area of ​​operation, for example. Thus, the best talent will see your company as a place they want to work.

In addition, the professional’s experience within the organizational environment is a key factor in his performance and in the company’s results. What does an HR professional do?

Thus, HR also works on employee experience actions to create an inspiring work environment for employees. Here, you can mention that among them are investment in training, a pleasant and welcoming work environment, good benefits and awards, among others.

4. Explaining Performance Appraisal

Right after the Christmas dinner, when each one returns to their respective homes, it is natural that there are comments about the performance of those who made the dinner or who bought the best gift.

Likewise, the HR professional needs to assess the performance of an employee or a sector through the identification, diagnosis and analysis of the professional’s deliverables and behavior. But the goal goes beyond just analyzing your performance.

With performance review data in hand, HR can make more effective decisions and provide constructive feedback. In addition, it is possible to identify and align employees’ expectations with the company’s objectives.

5. Explaining the Climate and Retention Survey

During the get-together, there is always that family member who can identify if the party is a little down and then look for strategies to lift the mood so that no one leaves before midnight, right?

Then, at the business level, HR uses the climate survey to identify and improve the work environment. Through a questionnaire, he can gain a panoramic view of employees’ perceptions of the organization to create a more effective strategy, focusing on the improvements that employees suggest.

In this way, HR will also be working on retaining its talents . That’s because, by involving employees in the search for solutions, HR makes them happy by demonstrating that the company is a team and that everyone can and should participate in the search for the company’s success. What does an HR professional do?

Thus, there will be more motivation to deliver results and maintain a pleasant and collaborative organizational environment. Still, no talent will feel like leaving the company.

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