What are Thinking Skills definition/concept

A person has skill when he is able to do something effectively. Thus, skill can be understood as the dexterity or willingness to perform an action correctly. If we apply this definition to human reason, we can talk about the ability or thinking skills , which would be mental processes that allow us to adapt to reality or the ability to solve problems.

Basic and higher skills

Our mind is capable of developing intelligence as long as there are two circumstances: the brain to develop into a healthy individual and adequate learning. With these two premises it is possible to activate the basic skills and gradually the more complex or superior skills. Thinking Skills

The fundamental basic skills are the following: the ability to observe, the identification of information , the distinction between similar and different, among others. Gradually, the individual will incorporate superior and more sophisticated skills such as the elaboration of hypotheses, strategies to solve complex situations, critical approaches or the individual’s own self – assessment .

Each type of thinking is related to certain skills.

The fact of thinking and the abilities associated with each individual depend on various ways of understanding human thinking. There is critical, divergent, convergent and creative thinking, each of which is accompanied by a series of skills.

  • – Critical thinking involves using intelligence autonomously beyond the opinions of the social environment ;
  • – Divergent thinking consists of the ability to create alternatives to solve problems;
  • – Convergent thinking is based on the ability to give the most suitable answer in a normalized situation;
  • – Creative thinking is that which is different from the common and capable of elaborating abnormal and different from conventional solutions. Thinking Skills

Different ways of thinking serve as mental strategies, but they can be insufficient if they are not accompanied by emotional intelligence, that is, the ability to properly manage personal emotions. A person with emotional intelligence is one who knows how to find the best strategy to resolve a situation.

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