What are Indigenous People definition/concept

Indigenous peoples are descendants of peoples originating from territories present in the discovery or colonization of peoples from Europe. Most of these peoples had contact with Western civilization or are descendants of these peoples who are incorporated in the process of constituting a common history. However, there are still peoples lacking contact with civilization, remaining in a primitive and isolated state from the world. This type of circumstance is not common, but it happens mainly in the interior of the Amazon. Indigenous People

The natives kept many of the primitive customs in the periods of discovery or colonization. Despite the past tense, they still maintain their own history and culture . Certainly, over time, the Indians evolved and adopted new customs, even so it is possible to show a collection of cultural elements that confer their own identity. This circumstance causes the indigenous people to remain where they are and still claim for the allocation of land.

The indigenous people were given the name Indian as soon as Columbus arrived on the land, a circumstance that sometimes explains the change in terms. This situation happened because Columbus believed to have arrived in the Indies and, therefore, titled its inhabitants in this way. In fact, Columbus never set out to discover a new continent , he was only interested in opening a trade route that would link it to the West Indies heading west.

Contact with indigenous peoples and peoples of Western culture has always been marked by conflicts. At first, the war between civilizations resulted in conflicts of little caliber. As soon as it was discovered that the lands possessed economic resources of great importance, the conquest became an objective to be fulfilled. However, regardless of political issues, many indigenous people began to die from contact with infections to which they did not have antibodies. As soon as colonization took place, new peoples were formed and later sought their independence through new confrontations. Nowadays, few descendants of these primitive communities claim for their rights in the societies they are inserted.

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