What are Children’s Rights definition/concept

From the earliest times, children have always been exposed to all kinds of exploitation and abuse. For this reason, after the First World War this situation became aware and the UN came to the conclusion that children should be protected. Later, more specifically in 1989, the UN adopted an agreement that proposed a paradigm shift with regard to childhood. This change was made effective in the Convention on the Rights of the Child . This treaty is an international agreement that gave unanimity to all the nations of the planet. Children’s Rights

The importance of the Convention on the Rights of the Child at the international level

The Convention on the Rights of the Child sets out a series of minimum standards to protect children in areas such as health, education and social services. Furthermore, with this treaty the nations are committed to giving children a dignified childhood, that is, so that children can play and express all their concerns. This recognition of children’s rights has been adopted by many countries in their constitutional texts and is a reference in policies dedicated to children. Children’s Rights

Although this new conception of childhood did not solve all the problems that affect children, it is indisputable that there has been a significant advance. In this sense, the issue of child labor is addressed on the international agenda , an issue that has traditionally been a taboo on the global agenda. Something similar happened with the trafficking of children and even with the protection of the most vulnerable minors.

The main problem is enforcing the laws.

One of the unresolved problems is enforcing the law when children are unprotected in some sense. Currently, there are still dramatic situations, such as labor exploitation, minors who participate in military conflicts or girls forced into marriage. Children’s Rights

Analysts who study this reality consider that, in order to respond to these problems, they must provide integral solutions. Because of this, the Convection on the Rights of the Child calls on the international community to create spaces for children to grow, learn and develop. So that these ideals do not go unnoticed, it is necessary to implement effective measures in education, health and other basic services programs. Naturally, for these rights to be effective, they must be respected and supported by the entire society . Children’s Rights

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