What is Anhedonia/meaning/concept/elaboration

Under normal circumstances all human beings seek happiness. One of the possible ways to reach this goal is to obtain pleasure in some way. So when a person feels good about himself or performs a pleasant action, it means he gets pleasure from it. Anhedonia

However, there are people with disabilities when it comes to getting pleasure. These people suffer from anhedonia. As a general rule, those who suffer from this disorder are in a state of permanent dissatisfaction, as the pleasant things or circumstances in life are not stimulating.

Some of its characteristic symptoms are as follows: lack of interest in the activities of everyday life, insomnia, low energy , destructive thoughts, social isolation and loss of sexual appetite. It can be said that anhedonia people live as if they were under anesthesia.

The opposite of this vital attitude is obviously hedonism. A hedonistic person is one who knows how to enjoy life fully.

The term comes from the Greek and is formed by the prefix an, which means absence of something, and hedoné, which means more precisely pleasure or satisfaction.

Causes, risk factors and treatment

There is no specific syndrome regarding this vital attitude. Psychologists believe that this is a symptom that expresses some kind of emotional disturbance. In this sense, it can be a clear indicator of depression or schizophrenia. Anhedonia

When alcoholics or drug addicts suffer withdrawal syndrome, they can also express this mood reaction. The inability to enjoy at certain times is related to situations of stress or anxiety.

In any case, anhedonia is directly related to the brain’s biochemistry (the brain feels blocked in the absence of dopamine, the chemical responsible for sensations and emotions associated with pleasure).

Personal circumstances can influence the inability to experience pleasure

Among the most common risk factors, the following stand out: a poor diet , an illness or disability that deteriorates the quality of life , a traumatic event or a work activity with permanent stress. Anhedonia

Before carrying out a treatment, it is necessary to determine the origin of the anhedonia. Typically, treatments are based on a combination of psychological therapy and medication to restore dopamine levels in the brain.

As in other adverse circumstances, the anhedonia person must try to recover the illusion of living.

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