Vegetative Growth definition/detailed description

Vegetative growth is the value obtained through the difference between the birth rate and the death rate in a given region. Vegetative Growth definition

Along with the migration rate, the vegetative growth helps to define the demographic growth of the observed place.

Also known as “natural growth” , this can be classified into three different categories: positive, negative and null.

When the vegetative growth is positive , it means that the number of births is higher than that of deaths, causing a progressive increase in the number of inhabitants in the analyzed region. Vegetative Growth definition

Negative natural growth is the opposite of positive. It is characterized by a greater number of deaths than births.

Finally, when set to null , it means that the birth rate and mortality rate have the same number. In this case, there is no growth in population, but rather its stagnation.

The economic, social, cultural and religious conditions directly influence the demographic growth of the region.

According to the Demographic Transition Theory , vegetative growth can vary according to some factors related to the development of a given location. Vegetative Growth definition

Underdeveloped countries, for example, have a high vegetative growth, as families still have many children, causing the number of births to be higher than that of deaths.

Developed countries, on the other hand, tend to have a much lower vegetative growth, as families start having fewer children.

In fact, this is one of the main obstacles for developed countries. With an aging population, there is a shortage of professionally active labor to drive the country’s economy. Social security in countries with low vegetative growth is overburdened. Vegetative Growth definition

It is worth remembering that vegetative growth does not take into account the migratory balance, but only the individuals who were born in the analyzed location.

The so-called absolute growth analyzes both the number of births and migrations to a given country.

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