Vegan definition/difference between vegan and vegetarianism

Vegan is someone who practices veganism, a lifestyle that totally excludes the consumption of any type of animal product . Vegan definition

The main objective of the vegan person is to promote the so-called “animal liberation” . This means excluding the consumption of all types of animals, whether in food, clothing, entertainment, etc.

For example, vegans do not consume products from companies that test animals or that keep employees in slavery-like conditions.

Vegans do not buy pets (adopt). They do not wear clothes made from animals (wool, fur, leather, silk, etc.). They also do not go to places where animals are used for entertainment (circuses, bullfights, rodeos, etc.).

What does a vegan eat?

Any type of product that is of animal origin is excluded from the vegan diet , such as fish, meat, poultry, crustaceans, milk, eggs, cheese, honey, etc. Vegan definition

Vegans can eat any type of food of plant origin, such as cereals, fruits, vegetables, tubers, vegetables, roots, mushrooms, seeds, among others.

Potatoes, almonds, cashews, lentils, chickpeas, chia, kale, asparagus and guava are some of the top vegan foods that are high in protein.

What is the difference between vegan and vegetarianism?

In addition to consuming foods of animal origin, vegans also do not consume anything that involves the use of animals, such as clothing, cosmetics or entertainment, for example.

Unlike vegans, vegetarians eat animal-derived foods such as milk, honey, and eggs. However, they do not consume meat, such as poultry, fish, beef, beef or crustaceans. Vegan definition

Generally, vegetarians also consume products that are of animal origin, such as woolen clothes or leather shoes, for example.

There are different levels and types of vegetarianism :

  • Lacto-ovo vegetarian: does not eat meat, but consumes foods of animal origin (milk, eggs and honey, for example).
  • Lacto-vegetarian: Does not eat meat and eggs, including products that use eggs as an ingredient.
  • Strict vegetarian: DO NOT EAT anything of animal origin. Vegan definition
  • Vegan: DO NOT CONSUME anything of animal origin, whether in food, clothing or other aspects of life.

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