Social Issue definition/Social Issue and Social Work

Social question is the set of expressions that define the inequalities of society . Social Issue definition

The social question arose in the 19th century, in Europe, with the objective of demanding the formulation of social policies for the benefit of the working class, who were in growing poverty.

The urbanization and industrialization process gave rise to the impoverishment of the working class, and ended up making them aware of the conditions in which they worked, where the social issue ended up reaching problematic contours, especially for bourgeois society, which resorted to the implementation of social policies

The current social issue refers to the expansion of work in capitalist society starting with the degradation of work, the loss and disappearance of many categories and jobs, and this occurs when the state starts to withdraw from the social field with cuts, privatizations and etc. Social Issue definition

The social issue is closely linked to social inequality , and these issues ended up leading to the creation of the Third Sector in society, in order to carry out programs and projects to help those in need and also assist in requests for changes in policy.

A professional who deals directly with social issues is the Social Worker, who works in this tension between the production of inequality and the production of rebellion and resistance.

Social Issue and Social Work

The social issue is often seen as an object of social service . The concept of social issue is related to the capitalist system of production, that is, the way in which wealth in a society is produced and shared. Social Issue definition

Thus, capitalism gives rise to many social inequalities, a vital area of ​​intervention by Social Work.

However, taking into account the breadth of the concept of social issue, there is a debate as to whether the social issue can be the object of a single profession, in this case a social worker.

Therefore, in order to see the social issue as an object of social work, one of two things must be done: either reject the conceptual scope of the social issue, or Social Work returns to having a central function of acting in the variations and changes of society.

Several professions can be directly linked to the social issue, such as doctors, engineers, lawyers. For this reason, defining a social service object is difficult. Social Issue definition

If Social Work is seen as a legitimate profession in society, it will represent a very high social function.

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