Sexism definition/sexist/ detailed description

Sexism is the act of discrimination and sexual objectification , it is when someone or a group is reduced only by gender or sexual orientation. Sexism definition

One of the most common cases of sexism is stipulating that the color pink is related to the female gender, and blue to the male gender.

Sexism is usually associated with the position that machismo determines for women. But it can also be related to the prejudiced treatment given by society to men, homosexuals, transgender people, those who do not identify with any of the genders, among other forms of representation of sexual identity.

Women and men can have sexist attitudes. Some lines of studies on gender even suggest the use of the term sexism in place of the word machismo, so that the negative characteristic of machismo is not something only associated with men, or something inherent to the fact of being male. Sexism definition

The word sexism finds synonyms in its variations according to the treated genre. Discrimination against women is machismo or misogyny , while prejudice against men is called misandry .

What is sexist?

One of the ways of problematizing a situation and realizing whether or not there is sexism in the act is to invert the genders: putting a man to do what is being proposed to a woman. If it causes strangeness, it’s sexism.

For example:
Beer advertisements constantly use feminine attributes, relating them to beer attributes, as a selling point. Try reversing the genre explored in the campaign: would it make sense for a man in the same clothes, doing the same moves? Would it appeal to the audience for which the product is intended? Or would it be strange? Sexism definition

Sexism also works by stipulating a standard expected behavior for men and women. It is also sexism when you portray a man who is always close to heavy machinery, who likes cars, who has a rude manner, and so on. The same behavior when the genders are reversed also generates estrangement.

One of the consequences of the sexist society is homophobic prejudice, where man is expected to have a certain behavior, and when he does not demonstrate such characteristics, he ends up being discriminated against. Sexism definition

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