Professional ethics definition/Code of Professional Ethics

Professional ethics is the set of ethical norms that form the professional’s conscience and represent imperatives of his/her conduct. Professional ethics definition

Ethics is a word of Greek origin (éthos), which means “property of character”.

Professional ethics are often used as a synonym for deontology. The term deontology also derives from the two Greek words deon , meaning “duty, “obligation” and logos , meaning “reason”, “logic”, “science”.

Thus, ethics can be understood as the orientation of character, while deontology is the science of duty. Both fulfill the function of guiding the conduct that must be carried out by the company.

To be ethical is to act guided by principles in view of the good, without ever harming others. To be ethical is to comply with the good values ​​established by the society in which you live.

Professional ethics is of great importance as it guides the proper performance of all the activities of a profession, following the principles determined by society and by work groups. Professional ethics definition

Each profession has its own code of ethics, which may vary slightly, thanks to different areas of expertise.

However, there are elements of professional ethics that are universal, such as honesty, competence, responsibility towards the profession, colleagues and society.

Code of Professional Ethics

The Code of Professional Ethics is the set of ethical norms that must be followed by professionals in the exercise of their work .

This code is drawn up by the Councils, which represent and supervise the exercise of the profession.

The code of medical ethics, for example, in its text describes: Professional ethics definition

“ This code contains the ethical standards that must be followed by physicians in the exercise of their profession, regardless of their function or position.

The inspection of compliance with the rules established in this code is the responsibility of the Medical Councils, Ethics Committees, health authorities and physicians in general. Professional ethics definition

Violators of this Code will be subject to the disciplinary penalties provided for by law ”.

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