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Nexus of order types and examples in detail

Nexus of order

The links or order connectors are a group of words that organize the order or hierarchy of ideas in any oral or written text. Its use is essential when it is required to list several elements of the same nature. Nexus of order types and examples

In general lines, the links or connectors are words or groups of words that are used to relate different ideas, highlighting the relationships between them.

Its correct use facilitates the coherence of the speech and makes it more intelligible. Its main function, as its name implies, is to connect different sentences or paragraphs.

Order links or connectors are also called hierarchical links and, more ambiguously, chronological links.

Types and examples of order links

The links of order can be grouped into different categories depending on their location within the text and the role they play in the development of discourse. We can differentiate 6 types.

1-Links from the beginning of the speech

This type of order nexus is used to start a text or a paragraph. Its function is to reinforce the perception that a new idea or argument is being started.


First of all , we must bear in mind that the situation is not the most convenient.

First of all , we know that this type of situation does not happen every day.

In the first place , each of the aspects to be considered has already been considered quite a bit.

To begin with , we will only say that the work that has been entrusted to us is challenging.

First of all , let’s observe a minute of silence for the people who passed away in the last year.

2-Speech closing links

Unlike the previous one, this nexus of order serves to announce the idea or final paragraph of a text.

They should not be confused with other types of conclusion connectors such as in conclusion or in summary , since they do not establish a hierarchical relationship, but are used to recapitulate ideas before finishing a text.


Finally , we can only consider changing strategy in the face of this problem.

Finally , each of the previous elements are only effective if they are executed efficiently.

Once we have finished explaining our reasons, it is up to us to make effective decisions.

Without further delay , I wish you a safe journey home.

In short , avoid unsafe sites and always be alert to unforeseen events.

In conclusion , it is impossible for my client to be guilty of the theft because he was at his home.

3-Transition links

This type of nexus of order fulfills the function of marking a transition or movement between ideas or themes in a text. Nexus of order types and examples


On the other hand , we are all aware of the progress we have made.

Next , we can see how the problem has evolved.

Second , whatever effort has been made, it has been entirely fruitless.

On the contrary , we have been able to face our responsibilities.

For this reason , we have decided to create a committee to defend workers’ rights.

So we are forced to close the school until the yard is fixed.

4-Digression links

This type of nexus of order, allows the issuer to introduce digressions or paragraphs within a speech to be able to explain other related ideas or talk about another topic.


It should be noted that the aforementioned is not just a simple enumeration.

With regard to the above, such resources should not be used.

By the way , any conclusion that we can draw will be incomplete if we do not consider the other factors.

It should be noted that before 1980 smallpox was considered a controlled disease.

It is necessary to underline the importance of these last two points of the internal code.

5-Temporary links

This type of nexus of order indicates the time or sequence in which the ideas are found within the discourse or to which it refers.


We will now try to put more pressure on our competitors.

We will immediately present a series of allegations against that proposition.

After needing the help of all your friends, you can now rest easy.

Until we do something about it, we will always suffer from it.

Immediately it  would be necessary to notify the captain of the problem in the cabin.

6-Special order links

This last type of order nexus has the function of locating ideas, people or events within the discourse in time and space. Nexus of order types and examples


Deep down , you were never a good person.

Along with all of the above, we never considered the possibility of change.

In the middle of all of the above, we could only laugh.

Naturally , the penguin will be hot in the Sahara and the cold desert fox in Antarctica .

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