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Myths are narratives used by ancient Greek peoples to explain facts of reality and phenomena of nature , the origins of the world and human beings. Myths use a lot of symbology, supernatural characters, gods and heroes. These components are interconnected with real facts, human characteristics and people who really existed. Myth definition

The main purpose of the myth was to transmit knowledge and explain everything that was important in people’s lives.

The mythical knowledge was transmitted through rituals, dances, sacrifices and prayers, but mainly through the figure of the rhapsode. Accompanied by a musical instrument, the lyre, these poets declaimed mythical narratives, entertained and educated people.

A myth can also have the function of expressing some idea clearly or giving explanations and making the world known to people.

Myth is not always used in its original sense, it is also used in reference to common beliefs that have no objective or scientific foundation. However, historical events can turn into myths, if they have a very important symbology for a particular culture. Myth definition

The myths have a symbolic and didactic character, explaining the origin of human beings through the union of historical facts with supernatural characters and sacred stories.

A myth is not a fairy tale or a legend, but the truth itself for those who share that kind of knowledge.

The mythology is the study of myth, their origins and their meanings. Some of the best known myths are part of Greek mythology, which expresses the way of thinking, knowing and talking about Greek culture. Some examples from Greek mythology are the gods of Olympus, the Titans, and other mythological figures such as minotaurs and centaurs. Myth definition

Narcissus Myth

In Greek mythology, one of the most famous myths is that of Narcissus, a young man so handsome that he awakened the love of Echo, a beautiful nymph. Narcissus rejected this love, causing the nymph to be destroyed by the rejection. As punishment, the goddess Nemesis made him fall in love with himself. So the day Narcissus saw his reflection in the river, he admired his own beauty until he withered and died.

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