Modern Dance definition/Features of modern dance

Modern dance is a dance genre that focuses on expression and free movement of the body . It has fluid gestures that express the dancer’s feeling. Modern Dance definition

The modern dance style is more relaxed and is not limited to pre-determined techniques and costumes. Its goal is for the dancer to be creative and free in their body expressions.

Modern dance emerged between the 19th and 20th centuries , mainly in North America and Europe, as a protest against classical ballet, which had rigid movements strictly followed by dancers. This protest was so intense that one of the first elements to be removed were the ballet shoes.

Modern dancers claim to express their feelings through dance and to have freedom in their gestures and body movements. They began to dance barefoot, without patterned clothes and with more twists and grooves in their movements. Modern Dance definition

Some pioneers of modern dance are: the Americans Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Martha Loie Fuller and Ruth St Dennis and the Swiss Emile Jacque Dalcroze.

Features of modern dance

Expressions and movements linked to emotions

Modern dance seeks to interpret the feelings of dancers through free, fluid and expressive movements. The aim of the modern dancer is to convey their emotions to the audience through their body movements.

New body snaps and distortions

With the departure from classical ballet, modern dance sought new movements and the freedom to create its steps. This transition from rigid to free movements made modern dance one of the pioneering styles in the different distortions and fittings during dance. Modern Dance definition

New makeup and clothing styles in the presentations

Modern dance abandoned the costumes and makeup required in ballet and sought a more natural and free style. Clothes can be loose or tight to the body, bare feet and usually makeup is more basic. Modern Dance definition

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