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What is smart recruiting?

Smart recruiting uses several tools when selecting the ideal candidate to fill the vacancy. The main one is technology. Intelligent recruitment

With the use of technology and advanced tests, it is possible to carry out a more accurate screening of CVs and identify professionals who not only meet technical needs, but also have the necessary behavioral skills to develop a good job in that company.

The Artificial Intelligence also enables the analysis of data to find the ideal professional , which reduces the probability of error in hiring. As the objective is to optimize processes and hiring, nothing better than using all digital resources as allies.

In order for the recruitment to be really intelligent right at the stage of disclosing vacancies, it is essential to resort to the appropriate channels that attract the desired profiles. Identifying where good candidates usually interact and publicizing their résumés streamlines the process and makes it more efficient.

How has the recruitment and selection process evolved?

The Human Resources department emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to changes in the production process promoted by the Industrial Revolution. The recruitment and selection had its first definition held in the 1980s.

However, the transformations that took place in the following decade, such as the enhancement of human capital and the recognition of its importance for the company, raised this process to another level. Intelligent recruitment

Today, recruitment takes into account the current and future needs of a company, as well as the adequacy of professionals to the behavioral profile and their capacity for development.

However, making a process taking all these variables into account is far from simple, which is why there is so much talk about smart recruiting and the use of technologies in HR. With that in mind, we will now present how it works in practice, check it out!

What’s the difference between operational recruiting and smart recruiting?

Operational recruitment is carried out manually and is subject to judgmental influences, thus exposed to a greater risk of failure during the process.

By using technology strategically in recruitment, the possibility of errors is reduced, as the software is able to provide accurate information that is not contaminated by subjective impressions.

Even with these changes, intelligent recruitment does not dispense with the participation of HR professionals capable of capturing behavioral nuances and conducting dialogues that can expose the best in each candidate, increasingly becoming an advisory HR.

How does smart recruiting work?

Smart recruiting uses a series of features to attract candidates with the necessary qualifications for the progress of activities or a specific project. Hiring the right professionals guarantees a greater potential for success and productivity.

The market and human behavior mutations make the selection processes have a more dynamic format. Candidates have evolved in the way they sell their qualifications and are also looking for companies interested in this evolution. Intelligent recruitment

The recruiting process did not always have a two-way bias towards well-qualified professionals, but smart recruiting not only expanded the requirements of companies, but also of candidates.

The professional who perceives the effort of a company to carry out a differentiated process also makes an effort on the other side to be part of the team. Therefore, making use of the applicable resources is a positive strategy that can yield good results. See the main used:

Application of behavioral profile tests

With the use of software and behavioral profile mapping, it is possible to assess aspects of candidates such as emotional intelligence, negotiation skills, leadership potential, among others.

In addition, this assessment allows the choice of a profile that has greater adherence to the company’s culture .

Disclosure of vacancies

There are several options for recruiting sites and social media posts to reach people who are more in line with the  profile you are looking for . These platforms can be customized in order to reach the desired “target audience”.

Publicizing vacancies in virtual environments that connect to the company’s business type increases the chances of filling vacant positions. Many professionals are excellent at what they do, regardless of whether they like the business, but when this synergy happens, the company’s evolution is remarkable. Intelligent recruitment

Optimization of resume screening

Recruiting software allows you to select resumes digitally. Thus, they do away with the lengthy process of opening, reading and printing emails that take up precious time for HR professionals.

Many processes demand agility and with an automation system , recruiters can better dedicate themselves to the technical and behavioral evaluation stages, saving time for a more thorough analysis.

Conducting remote interviews

It is possible to carry out the first interviews with the help of applications such as Zoom, Google Meet or Skype, in order to optimize the company’s time and resources. These are interviews, even, that make many candidates more comfortable — especially those with difficulties breaking the ice of the first personal contact.

Depending on the organization’s method of analysis, the rest of the selection process can be done in person. If expectations are met in virtual mode, an invitation to the in-person stage will be well received and promptly answered.

Efficient control of the selection process

Smart recruiting software also allows you to organize and control the selection process. With that, the choice of the candidate and the filling of the vacancy become faster and more efficient.

Visualizing the steps and complying with each of them in a timely manner gives the process credibility and clarity. Thus, the highly qualified professional will be fully interested in competing for the vacancy advertised. Intelligent recruitment

What are the benefits of smart recruiting?

This type of recruitment offers several advantages that are beneficial to both the candidate and the company. See some of them:

Choosing the most suitable candidate for the vacancy

When intelligent recruitment is carried out correctly, filtering the main characteristics desired in  candidates , there is a greater chance that the recruiter will find professionals with the right profile for the vacancies available.

In conventional recruiting, the résumé is completed and sent to companies for evaluation. The criteria can vary from recruiter to recruiter and interfere in searches or even selection for the next steps.

With intelligent recruitment and the use of appropriate software, screening will certainly be more balanced and consistent with the company’s philosophy and the need for the vacancy, without the recruiter’s personal and, so often, unconscious concept.

Afterwards, the admission process will be easier, as both the candidate and the company will be sure of the choice and what is expected of both parties.

Interaction beyond curriculum analysis

These technological resources have the advantage of creating a digital environment that can have other uses besides sending résumés. Intelligent recruitment

In it, the HR sector can share knowledge about how to behave in an interview, tips related to body language, how to prepare a good resume , specific guidelines, among others.

Database update

It is much easier to manage a virtual database than multiple printed resumes. With each training or experience obtained, the candidate can enter the virtual area and update the information.

In addition to contributing to the environment and reducing costs — with the elimination of paper and printing — the company will be able to filter any type of information to find candidates for open positions.

Improving vacancy management

Enables vacancies to be better managed. This is because, as they are in a virtual environment, with just one click they can be changed, deleted or renewed.

The fields to be filled in can help creativity in terms of professional and personal characteristics, making the disclosure more complete and appealing for candidates.

Possibility of outsourcing recruitment

The organization may choose to outsource digital recruitment . In this way, companies specializing in recruitment can perform a more in-depth screening of candidates and refer to HR only those who meet the predefined requirements.

How to carry out a smart and effective recruitment?

There are several steps you can take to conduct smart recruiting that yields positive results. Find out below!

1. Participate in seminars and congresses

It is important that the HR sector team participate in seminars, conferences, among other events, to improve themselves and discover new ways to find the ideal candidate. Intelligent recruitment

In these places, employees can acquire knowledge and relate to several qualified professionals. Many events are organized to introduce new recruiting tools and methodologies.

Participating and recycling the way of operating opens up a range of possibilities and allows the connection with the greatest number of people interested in transforming the recruitment and selection process into a key to success and productivity.

2. Use the company website to recruit

The company website can be a great tool for smart recruiting. It contains the vision, mission and values ​​of an institution. By reading these references, candidates looking for an opportunity can compare these principles with their own goals.

Much of what the company reports on its website helps to attract the attention of candidates. The dynamism, the disclosure of the business and the objectives that the company has in the medium and long term must be exposed in order to seduce a professional in search of challenges.

3. Make the company known as a good employer

The  talented professionals  looking for jobs in companies considered as good employers, and we need you to do this reputation spread. When the company is known as a great place to work, there is no shortage of good candidates.

Today, there are  rankings listing the best places to work. They are constantly accessed by job seekers, so having your company’s name appear in one of them can bring the right candidate straight to your door.

Although salary and benefits are important fuels for retaining talent, what makes an excellent company to work for, in the opinion of many professionals, is a pleasant corporate environment and good opportunities for development and growth .

A satisfied employee will wear the company’s shirt and will be happy to contribute to the growth of the business. In return, the company must support the work and maintain a healthy and empathetic atmosphere. Intelligent recruitment

This is the continuation of an intelligent recruitment process, where the company reaffirms every day the concepts presented in the resume selection stage. The attention given to each candidate is what, in many cases, contributes to the evolution of each process.

4. Work Employer Branding

How does the company become known for being a good employer? The main part, of course, is to ensure the satisfaction of your employees in the workplace. And this is not just about salaries, although it is impossible to deny their importance.

The concept of employer branding goes deeper. He proposes strategic thinking to raise the level of general satisfaction within the company. The first step is to identify the “target audience” among employees, that is, those who can play a more strategic role in the success of the operation.

It is necessary, then, to put into practice actions that improve the experience of employees within the company . They need to feel empowered and valued — the company must make clear what steps will be taken to achieve this goal.

Thus, the tendency is for the reputation of a good employer to increase considerably over time and for each employee to feel motivated to actively participate in order not to lose the title, after all, he must feel co-responsible for the good work.

5. Build an efficient selection process

The expense caused by wrongful hires can affect a company’s operations. Therefore, it is important to develop a really efficient selection process.

In this way, only candidates who have real potential to contribute as collaborators will reach the interview stage.

An interesting practice to adopt in the selection process is to involve your employees in it. Managers in each area can help review résumés, nominate candidates and even conduct interviews. Intelligent recruitment

The important thing is that the process has a clear objective, following a plan set up in advance, so that there are no deviations along the way.

6. Use the cultural fit to hire

The cultural fit is a technique that aims to select only those candidates that align with the company ‘s values.

Increasingly common in selection processes, it is a way to previously eliminate those who do not have the necessary characteristics to efficiently fit into the team.

When performing the cultural fit, you must have a clear understanding of the company’s mission, vision and values . Thus, you will only be able to look for candidates with a profile that fits the scenario.

As the technique seeks employees who have the potential to relate well with the current body of professionals, it is a great way to work with employer branding.

7. Conduct a good interview

Even if all the qualifications are on the resume, you will only truly know the candidate through an effective interview.

At this point, the best thing is to try to extract the most from the professional and get to know their characteristics and strengths. So, get out of the commonplace and avoid questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”.

Ask situational questions , which require the candidate to develop a quick solution to a fictitious or non-fictional problem. In this way, in addition to testing their knowledge and aptitude, one can observe their reasoning and elaboration capacity.

In addition, candidates will be able to learn more about the company’s goals and needs, and find out if they have the ideal profile and conditions to meet expectations.

In this context, evaluating the previous references well can be a good alternative.

Smart Recruiting Checklist from Start to Finish

When we talk about smart recruiting, it is essential to establish criteria for carrying out the process. There is nothing worse, for both the company and the candidate, than a process that seems to lose momentum and momentum along the way. Intelligent recruitment

Then, it is not enough just to allocate the newly hired employee in the requesting area. It is essential to monitor the adaptation to the new environment and observe the results to keep motivational high.

Build a step-by-step checklist for successful recruiting:

1. assemble a talent bank ;

2. present a transparent organizational culture;

3. draw up a career plan for employees ;

4. keep the HR team updated on recruitment processes;

5. act at all stages of the process;

6. monitor the functional evolution during the adaptation period;

7. Gather feedbacks.

Tools for Smart Recruiting

Recruitment and Selection Management Software

It is essential to have a software specialized in recruitment and selection to hire the right professional and that provides essential tools, such as cultural fit assessments and profile  and behavior tests . Intelligent recruitment

This type of system offers the structure to carry out the entire process on a single platform , from start to finish: publication of vacancies, choice of résumés, contact with candidates and even hiring.

There are several models of  software available in the market . Therefore, it is necessary to choose the one that best suits the needs and goals of the business.

Social networks

Social networks are sources of talent. Currently, the best known is LinkedIn, where candidates present their résumés and participate in discussion groups. There, they demonstrate some specific characteristics that can be useful in professional relationships.

In addition, the Facebook profile itself can briefly display an indicator of the candidate’s position and behavior in the professional sphere.

Knowing what smart recruiting is and how this process evolves in companies will help your HR team to select the best talent and ensure excellent results.

With the use of appropriate techniques and technologies, it is possible to find the professionals that best fit the requirements of each position.

Job posting portals

Many virtual environments are intended for the exclusive promotion of vacancies. These are channels that concentrate a large volume of professionals in search of opportunities. For companies, they represent showcases with a large and varied menu of possibilities.

Some ads are paid and some are free. What differs is the access to certain vacancies by the candidates. In almost all of them, it is possible for the company to carry out an accurate and personalized search according to the hiring need. Intelligent recruitment

To make this process even easier, we reinforce that there is software that concentrates all the information in a single environment and distributes it according to the process in progress, creating easier processing mechanisms.

Predictive recruiting and the future of smart recruiting

To have good professionals, a company needs to consider three fundamental aspects: motivational, cognitive and identification with the company’s culture.

An employee will behave with engagement if they feel connected to the organizational culture and are challenged to go beyond the limits of what they are used to performing. When you realize that the company is interested in investing in its development, dedication can be redoubled.

It is in this context that predictive recruitment is strengthened — the methodology aims to analyze information about a candidate and predict how the candidate will behave after being hired .

This forecast can serve to identify those professionals who best fit the company’s profile, avoiding hiring mistakes, or even to invest even more in training so that professionals perform their activities even better.

Predictive recruiting can be accomplished with an Intelligence tool such as Big Data — a feature capable of storing a large volume of data and enabling the crossing of information to form analytics content.

In HR, the solution will facilitate the analysis between the characteristics indicated by the candidates’ information and the technical, psychological or behavioral assessment tests, in addition to the motivational aspects that can also be detected in the process.

By using Big Data, the company will benefit from a more accurate diagnosis of candidates . In order to properly interpret the results obtained, HR professionals must know in depth the new technological methodologies and how they make information available. Intelligent recruitment

HR, more than ever, must act strategically, giving up personal interference in each process. It’s a new era that consists of focusing on hiring that will be beneficial to the company as a whole and not just the recruiters’ personal concepts.

It seems alarming to imagine that the recruitment and selection process is no longer specifically conducted in human hands. The participation of the recruiter is still essential, but it is becoming more and more a strategic position, supported by the tools made available by technology.

Therefore, intelligent recruitment, using digital solutions, should not replace the expertise of professionals with extensive recruitment experience, but rather expand the possibilities and offer greater support for decisions.

HR will start to share a greater volume of information and characteristics about the candidates, providing those responsible for the areas with several details about technical and behavioral skills.

All a technology tool does is provide more elements to support decisions. With this, the chances of success increase and so does the security of the company to take on bigger flights, as it knows it can count on excellent professionals.

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