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How to write dates in a sentence/formats in USA and UK

Dates in English

In English there are two ways to express dates ; one of them is the US format and the other is the UK format. Both are perfectly valid, it all depends on where you are when you are speaking in English. How to write dates in a sentence

Great Britain format

Similar to the one we are used to, which is also used in other countries such as South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

  • Long version: 20 December 2018
  • Short version: 12/20/18

United States format

The only difference in the US format is that the month comes before the day.

  • Short version: 12/20/18 (Month / Day / Year).
  • Long version: December 20th, 2018 (or December 20, 2018).

How to read the dates in English?

Keep in mind that the days of each month are ordinal numbers , such as:

  • Great Britain: “2 April 2010” is read as “the second of April two thousand and ten”.
  • United States: The same date that we used in the previous example would be written “April 2nd 2010” and it would be read as “April (the) second two thousand and ten”.

The years (Years) How to write dates in a sentence

Years can be read in two different ways, however, both ways are completely valid. The first would be reading the year as any number (as was done in the previous example), that is, reading “2015” as “two thousand and fifteen”.

The other way is to divide the year into two parts . The year “1640” can be read as “sixteen forty”. Although it is correct to use it, this form is commonly used to refer to the interval between 1020 and 1999. How to write dates in a sentence

The days of the week (Days of the week or Weekdays)

Unlike Spanish, when we speak in English, the days of the week are always capitalized. Also, the first day of the week in the United States is not Monday, but Sunday. Here we show you the days of the week in English. How to write dates in a sentence

  • Monday is Monday.
  • Tuesday is Tuesday.
  • Wednesday is Wednesday.
  • Thursday is Thursday.
  • Friday is Friday.
  • Saturday is Saturday.
  • Sunday is Sunday.

Months of the year

Just like the days of the week, the months are also capitalized .

  • January is January.
  • February is February.
  • March is March.
  • April is April.
  • May is May.
  • June is June.
  • July is July.
  • August is August.
  • September is September.
  • October is October.
  • November is November.
  • December is December.

Seasons of the year How to write dates in a sentence

Unlike months and days, the seasons of the year are not capitalized .

  • Summer is summer. How to write dates in a sentence
  • Fall in America and Autumn in Britain is autumn.
  • Winter is winter.
  • Spring is spring.

Parts of the day

  • The afternoon is the afternoon after lunch. How to write dates in a sentence
  • The morning is the morning.
  • The night is the night.
  • The evening is the afternoon.
  • The noon is noon.

Units of time How to write dates in a sentence

  • Second is second.
  • Minute is minute.
  • Hour is hour.
  • Day is day.
  • Week is week.
  • Weekend is the weekend.
  • Month is month.
  • Season is season.
  • Year is year.
  • Decade is decade.
  • Century is century.
  • Millennium is millennium. How to write dates in a sentence

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