How to improve your English accent free/tips and instructions

How to improve your English accent?

In English, we know it and, what is worse, we are ashamed of it. Being too self-conscious about your accent can lead to you becoming blocked and making it harder to advance with your English. So that this does not happen to you, take note of these ten tips to improve your accent in English! How to improve your English accent free

1) Listen to English every day How to improve your English accent free

The accent is a matter of hearing: you can’t have a good accent if you haven’t internalized how English “sounds”. So you have no excuse not to see the series and movies in their original version. To continue practicing daily, you can also download a podcast in English and listen to it on the way to work. How to improve your English accent free

2) Avoid common mistakes made by Spaniards when speaking English

We Spaniards have some pronunciation “nuances” that give us away, such as articulating the r’s and jots too loudly or putting an e before the initial e. If you learn to detect and correct them, you will have a long way to go when it comes to improving your accent in English.

3) Look at the rhythm How to improve your English accent free

One mistake we usually make is trying to speak English with the rhythms of Spanish. Each language has its own musicality and the voice rises and falls in different patterns, so pay attention when listening to English to catch the rhythm. Once again, you can help yourself with podcasts in English, videos (like the ones you can find on the What’s Up! YouTube channel ) and all kinds of movies and series in English, with which you can perfect the rhythm of the language.

4) Use voice punches

Another manual error: pronouncing each word separately. English speakers, and especially Americans, “merge” several words at once in a single blow of voice, especially those that have no meaning, such as articles and prepositions.

5) Read poetry in English

Reading poetry out loud is one of the best ways to detect which sounds rhyme and stick with the pronunciation of the words you use most frequently.

6) Imitate your favorite accent

Which do you like more, British or American ? Choose the one you prefer, look for a series or native youtuber and try training by imitating their way of speaking. Look at the aspects that we have discussed so far, such as the musicality and the blows of the voice.

7) Record yourself and listen to yourself

Yes, we know that nobody likes the sound of their own recorded voice, but listening to you “from the outside” is the best way to detect errors and polish your accent. Of course, if you have a native who can correct you, even better.

8) Learn phonetics

Even though they are written with the same letters, English and Spanish have many different sounds. To fully understand how they work, we recommend that you learn the phonetic alphabet. You can practice with this interactive chart or with this series of videos .

9) Practice, practice, practice!

The best way to learn English is by speaking English… and accent is no exception. Find a language exchange near your home and practice interacting with native speakers. Besides improving your accent and fluency, you are sure to have a good time! How to improve your English accent free

10) Don’t stress! How to improve your English accent free

The truth is that all the speakers of a language have an accent, wherever they are from. Sounding 100% like a native is not only almost impossible, but it also takes away your personality. Focus on improving your pronunciation so other people can understand you and don’t be too harsh on your mistakes. Look how many actors who have been in Hollywood for years and years maintain their own accent, even speaking English perfectly! After all, English people love a Spanish accent!

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