Growth mindset definition/mindset/importance in academic life

What is mindset?

Well then. Despite being an English term, the concept of mindset is actually quite simple. In a free translation, mindset means “ setting the mind ”. Growth mindset definition

It is, in general, the different types of mentalities and how they influence the life – personal and professional – of each person .

That is: it refers to the characteristics of people’s minds, which can determine behaviors, thoughts and attitudes.

It starts, therefore, from the idea that the configuration of the mind is decisive for the person’s worldview and, consequently, for the behaviors and thoughts in front of it.

Everything is fine. Mindset is crucial to people’s lives. But that’s not why it’s something intrinsic to the person and that it can’t change. Growth mindset definition

This is the most important part of studying about mindset. After all, after becoming aware of this, it is possible to develop this skill and transform realities.

Let’s talk about examples to be a little clearer: imagine, for example, a person who always believed that he was not capable of performing complex tasks.

This causes, over the years, this person develops a tendency to not even try to do tasks, if they understand that they are complex.

This predisposition to specific attitudes and behaviors from conditionings of the mind can influence all areas of life.

What is growth mindset?

The growth mindset refers to the mindset of people who believe that it is possible to develop and improve qualities through commitment and hard work. Growth mindset definition

Unlike the fixed mindset, innate capabilities are believed to be just potentialities ( not immutable conditions ). From there, the person can choose ( or not! ) to develop them through effort.

People with a growth mindset don’t believe they are geniuses. Much less feel incapable.

In fact, these people start from the assumption that there are always potentials to develop, through knowledge, effort and will.

In this context, all concepts of the fixed mindset are denied, especially the one that says that people are born predestined to success or failure.

After all, for the growth mindset, success is by no means guaranteed and that, in order to achieve it, a process with a lot of effort and dedication is necessary. Growth mindset definition

Why is it important to your academic life?

Well, the configuration of the mind can influence, directly or indirectly, all decisions: from the most everyday ones to those that can transform a person’s life .

From this, Carol Dweck, author of the book “ Mindset: The New Psychology of Success ” realized that one of the most striking possibilities of mindset is to transform the meaning of effort.

That’s because we live in a society that believes that only people who don’t have the capacity need to make an effort.

On the contrary, the mindset shows that effort is a natural path, which is part of all types of processes ( including for people who already have some talent or facilities ). Growth mindset definition

It is in this context that the growth mindset must be taken into account during undergraduate and graduate studies . After all, higher education is still an important tool for transforming realities in Brazil.

In fact , a survey by the Union of Maintainers of Higher Education Establishments concluded that, after higher education, people have an increase in monthly income of around 182%.

That is to say: even in the face of the difficulties that academic life brings, it is important to consider maintaining a growth mindset to stay in college.

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