Great Britain definition/History of Great Britain and the United Kingdom

Great Britain is the largest of the British Isles , it is located in northwest Europe and corresponds to the area of ​​three countries: England , Scotland and Wales . Great Britain definition

The countries that make up Great Britain are governed by the English Parliament and have the same head of state and head of government.

The term Great Britain is often used synonymously with England or the United Kingdom, but each of these terms has a distinct meaning.

Difference between Great Britain, United Kingdom and England

  • United Kingdom: political grouping formed by England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and small islands.
  • Great Britain: the largest island in the British Isles archipelago, in its territory are England, Scotland and Wales.
  • England: country located on the island of Great Britain and part of the United Kingdom.

Great Britain

Great Britain is the name given to the island where England, Scotland and Wales are located. The British Isles archipelago has more than 6,000 islands, with Great Britain being the largest of them. Great Britain definition

The territory of Great Britain is 209,331 km 2 in area and around 65 million people live in its area.

Each of the countries of Great Britain has its capital:

  • England: London
  • Scotland: Edinburgh
  • Wales: Cardiff

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a political grouping and a sovereign state , consisting of the island countries of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland. Great Britain definition

As it is formed by the British countries and Northern Ireland, it is also called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

All UK countries are governed by the English Parliament and have the same head of state and head of government.

The head of state of the United Kingdom is the monarch. This position is currently held by Queen Elizabeth II , the Queen of England. The head of government of the United Kingdom is the person who holds the position of prime minister.

The official language in all four countries is English, but local languages ​​such as Scottish, Welsh and Irish are also spoken. The currency used in these countries is also the same, the pound sterling.

The capital of the United Kingdom, like the capital of England, is the city of London. Each of the other three countries has its own capital. Great Britain definition

The United Kingdom was part of the European Union , but in 2016 the majority of the population, through a plebiscite, decided to leave the group. This process became known as Brexit ( Britain Exit ), which means British exit in Portuguese.


England is the largest and most populous country in the United Kingdom and is located on the island of Great Britain. Its territorial extension is 130,395 km 2 , where about 55 million people live.

London is the capital of England as well as the capital of the United Kingdom.

Summary chart of differences between Great Britain and the United Kingdom

Great Britain United Kingdom
countries England, Scotland and Wales England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Population 65 million 66 million
Coin pound sterling pound sterling
Area 209,331 km 2 244,820 km 2
capital London London
Official language English (Scottish and Welsh are also spoken) English (Scottish, Welsh and Irish are also spoken)

History of Great Britain and the United Kingdom

In 1707, following the signing of the Treaty of Union , the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland are united and form the Kingdom of Great Britain. Wales had been annexed by England in the 16th century. Great Britain definition

On that occasion, the Scottish Parliament and the English Parliament were dissolved and the Single Parliament of Great Britain was created.

In 1801 Ireland becomes part of this union, which changes its name to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland .

However, after the process of independence from Ireland in the early 20th century, the southern portion of that country leaves the United Kingdom and only Northern Ireland remains in the group. Great Britain definition

Since then, this political grouping has been called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland .

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