Free HR courses/10 Free HR Courses for life and career

Anyone who intends to work in the People Management area knows the importance of investing in training to enrich the curriculum and career growth. However, we understand that there is not always enough money to do everything we would like to do, so looking for free HR courses becomes an excellent alternative. Free HR courses

1. HR Deployment

The HR Implementation course is ideal for anyone who needs to implement an HR sector from scratch in a company. Its content includes an analysis of the organization and the current scenario, as well as the importance of better understanding employees and their behavior. In addition, elements such as organizational culture and HR pillars are addressed , which help guide the entire implementation process.

The course also provides important details on the main HR subsystems that deserve our attention , such as endomarketing, employer branding and the recruitment and selection processes. There are already more than 5,700 people trained, with a high level of satisfaction. 

2. Recruitment and Behavioral Selection

The Recruitment and Behavioral Selection course is taught by our CEO Mônica Hauck and brings a very rich content to improve the selection process of companies in any segment . In it, it is possible to understand the importance of inserting behavioral analysis throughout the entire recruitment funnel in order to hire more accurately and efficiently.

In addition, you will learn about the Behavioral Profiles methodology and how it should be applied in each phase of the selection process, from the dissemination of vacancies to onboarding with professionals. Furthermore, in addition to improving the quality of hiring, this course helps to increase the level of engagement of newcomers and avoid impacts on turnover rates. Free HR courses

3. Positions Engineering

Creating a position is a big challenge, as it’s not just about writing a simple description of activities. A well-designed position can bring a big difference to the company , as it helps to define which professionals are best suited to meet the organization’s needs.

Among the different types of HR courses available, the Engineering of Positions is ideal for those who want to work in the area of ​​Positions and Salaries. Since it addresses the entire process of creating a position considering elements such as required skills, organizational culturecultural fit and the relationship with behavioral analysis. 

4. Behavioral Management in Practice

The Behavioral Management in Practice course is the most complete on the subject , being offered free of charge. It was developed to help HR professionals to fully understand the methodology and its full application potential in the day-to-day of People Management.

For that, the training addresses all the behavioral profiles of the DISC methodology and shows how to take advantage of the characteristics of each one of them, in a strategic way, in the different HR subsystems. Thus, the company gains a more efficient management, with more motivated and qualified employees.

5. High Performance Teams

Which company doesn’t want to produce more in less time and at lower costs? In this context, investing in equipment and technology is not enough if the professionals behind all this are not the most competent. But how to know who these people are, what they need to have to present such performance? Free HR courses

With that in mind, the High Performance Teams course was designed to answer these and other questions about the subject. In it, we talk about the concept of high performance teams, how to select the right people and how to set them up so that teams can perform better and in sync.

6. Culture and Behavior — First Level

The next People Management course we will cover is Culture and Behavior — First Level. Organizational culture is one of the most important elements within a company and directly influences the attraction and retention of talent . In an era when professionals have greater choice about where they want to work, it can be the main differentiator of the business.

But to have a strong and attractive organizational culture, it is necessary to understand the theory and concepts that involve the theme, as well as the practices that help bring more quality to organizational relationships. All of this, you will find in this course, which can be taken from anywhere and without paying anything.

7. Soft Skills and Hard Skills

A complete and quality People Management needs to consider a broader scenario, especially in relation to the skills and abilities of employees. In past decades, a person who intended to specialize in his career and apply for positions in better companies only needed to invest in technical and theoretical learning. Today, the so-called hard skills are no longer enough.

In the Soft Skills and Hard Skills course, we talked about the importance of behavioral skills both in building high-quality teams and in the development of each professional’s career. The content brings all the conceptual part, explaining what Soft Skills are, what the differences are for Hard Skills and how to diagnose and develop both in the organization. Free HR courses

It also addresses practical issues, teaching how to develop the main Soft Skills required by the market to achieve good performance, in addition to showing the applicability of these skills in different HR subsystems.

8. Technological HR

Human history has taken a major turn since the First Industrial Revolution. The use of technology has provided human beings with great advances, which have shown themselves to be more agile with each passing decade. Currently, we are living in the 4th Industrial Revolution, marked by automation and the arrival of the first forms of Artificial Intelligence in companies and in people’s lives.

In the Human Resources sector, technology already plays an essential role in the quality of the delivery of each subsystem, allowing for deeper analysis based on data and statistics. All this through software that can translate different methodologies into numbers.

In the Technological HR course, we talk about the impacts of technology on People Management , not only with regard to the HR sector, but also for team managers. In addition, we approach the concept of People Analytics, application of Artificial Intelligence in HR and some practices, for example, Employer Branding and e-Learning as tools to strengthen the business.

9. People Analytics

Analyzing people mathematically is something that seemed impossible until a few decades ago. Today, People Analytics has become something much simpler and more practical to implement in companies of any type and size. As a result, the HR sector has better and more powerful tools to make efficient hires, prepare effective development plans and increase talent retention.

The People Analytics course was created to show all the possibilities of applying logic and statistics in People Management. In it, we talk about data collection, creating forms, correlation and linear regression, in a very didactic way and with practical examples. Free HR courses

10. People Analytics and Strategic Planning

Finally, our latest indication among the free HR courses is People Analytics and Strategic Planning. Every company that aims to grow and stand out in the market needs to prepare a strategic plan, with well-defined goals and an action plan that helps guide managers and employees about their responsibilities.

The same applies to the HR sector that wants to help the business in a more incisive and proactive way. Therefore, this course aims to present the concepts of Strategic Planning and People Analytics and the relationship that can be established between them to enhance HR actions in support of the company’s objectives. 

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