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A beautiful compilation of original poems about freedom and classic poets. Famous freedom poems

Freedom, the ability to act as you want, is one of the most desired states by people. We like to feel free, that we can lead the life we ​​want without anyone pressuring us.

Poets and writers have also written about freedom and the sensations and feelings it conveys. Here is a list of poems about freedom by classical poets and other originals by our author.

“Freedom” (Francisco Sosa Escalante) Famous freedom poems

In vain time mercilessly consumes

its eternal destruction and man throws

not being, and drag him like a leaf

of a weak bush, or like a slight feather.

There is something that does not die in the mist

of black oblivion, since it does not distress

fear out of nowhere, nor is it stripped

never from the mantle of his supreme glory:

holy freedom! the noble idea

of conscience light, that shines

between the smoke and heat of the fight;

holy freedom! growing tree

and by raising his giant cup

he offers a benefactor coat to man.

  • Reflection: the poem offers words of comfort in a gray time in which the desire for freedom is always present.

“No stocks can torture my soul in freedom” (Emily Dickinson)

No stocks can torture
My soul in freedom,
Because behind this mortal skeleton
One of more value is woven.

You cannot pierce with a saw
Nor pierce with a scimitar
Two bodies, therefore it lasts,
Tie one and the other flies free.

The eagle does not shed
its nest and yet it
wins in heaven
more easily than you.

Except yourself, maybe no one can be
Your enemy,
Captivity is consciousness

And it is also freedom.

  • Reflection : the author expresses that nobody and nothing can disturb her freedom.

“For Freedom” (Miguel Hernández)

For freedom I bleed, I fight, I survive.

For freedom, my eyes and my hands, Famous freedom poems

like a carnal tree, generous and captive,

I give surgeons.

For freedom, I feel more hearts

that sands in my chest foam my veins;

and I enter the hospitals, and I enter the cottons,

as in lilies.

Because where empty basins dawn,

she will put two stones of future look,

and will make new arms and new legs grow

in the chopped meat.

They will sprout winged with sap without autumn,

relics of my body that I lose in each wound;

because I am like the felled tree that sprouts:

I still have life.

  • Reflection: the poem in honor of those who lose their lives in the fight for freedom.

“Freedom” (José Tomás de Cuellar)

SAD as the wailing slave,

mute like the innocent victim,

my homeland, the weight of deep pain,

to the iron yoke he bowed his forehead.

But a voice that would move the world

the children of suffering anahuac hear,

and glory! they shout in safe harbor.

free as the birds of the desert.

  • Reflection: a poem that expresses the feelings of those who seek the long-awaited freedom.

“Sonnet about human freedom” (Dámaso Alonso)

How beautiful you are, freedom. There is nothing

that contrast you. What? Give me torment. Famous freedom poems

Brighter and in the purest firmament

freedom in refined torment.

Don’t yell? Gag ready?

Come: gag my thought.

Scream is not vibration of waves in the wind:

Scream is the conscience of a man in revolt.

How beautiful you are, freedom. God himself

saw you shine, before the first abyss

on his chest, lonely star.

A spark from the fiery volcano

took in his hand. And it caught you in my forehead

free flame of God, beautiful freedom.

  • Reflection: the poem expresses the beauty of freedom.

“Conceptual freedom” (Juan Ortiz) Famous freedom poems

Freedom, certain conscience

to walk, to live, to be

no things to fear

beyond our door.

Freedom is respect

to the other being, what he thinks,

and if there is a tense conversation,

Well, to flow like the sea flows.

Freedom is doing no harm,

not oppress, it is empathy ,

is to rejoice in joy

from which climbs another rung.

Freedom is decked out

in the pensive soul,

in the man who enlivens it

very early in the morning.

  • Reflection: these quatrains reflect what freedom is in its purest conception.

“Road to freedom” (Juan Ortiz)

A man in a suit walks at the end of the street;

is tired,

but it has not come to be.

His watch says 5:30 pm,

it’s already late for coffee,

for life,

in fact.

The briefcase is heavy,

your steps,

there is still more to get home;


review what happened until then

and remember the usual cycle

and the rigorous reality makes him understand that the point where he is is,

per se,

the same as the one on the table,

the one in the bathroom,

from the bed,

the office,

the monitor,

nothing new has happened in the last decade,

for years he has been repeating every act in detail,

without sin,



Two blocks from your home,

decides to cross,

as always,


The red light invites you to pass;


and against the custom,

of the rule,

a driver ignores the light and runs you over.

Everything flies through the air:

bills to pay,




papers and more papers,

and he and his irremediable body.

People get scared and approach the gloomy scene;

every face there is terrifying, Famous freedom poems

except one:

that of the man in a suit;

a smile from when a child breaks his face as an realized adult

and it does not go away even after the autopsy.

The next day a newspaper reviews:

“Dies in fatal accident

a smiling man

on Libertad Street ”.

  • Reflection: the poem shows how you can be a prisoner without being in a jail, and how, in some cases, death is freedom.

“From freedom to life” (Juan Ortiz)

From that common beginning, signed,

from freedom to life,

from that hidden corner

where we men were thought.

We got to the mess marked

with bloody guilt, yes, millennial,

gray shackles and a thousand prayers

to free ourselves and be happy,

but it doesn’t happen, we are partridges

on the table, we are the outcasts.

Goodbye, wings of that preface,

goodbye smiles of sunrises,

goodbye to those happy beings

of light that I saw in the first space.

In ruins is this palace,

here being free is a rare myth,

I came from light, but now I transit

dark, crawling, biting the ground

I only see peoples in mourning,

to say “live” is to walk withered.

  • Reflection: the poem talks about the freedom that one has in non-existence, and how life lacks the primordial freedoms, since everything is chaos and war.

“Concentration camp” (Juan Ortiz) Famous freedom poems

Of airplanes, long ago,

wings after iron wings covering the sky,

flashes thousands,

like the fallen piled up in the markets,

on the roads,





Surviving metal meant falling into the executioner’s hands,

luck not very different Famous freedom poems

to the abyss of the silenced.

For each cardinal point,

a wall,

except a door

where the food

—From time to time—,

where to the water,

where the air of the corridor to smell the state of the other deaths.

Despite the bleak and inevitable outlook,

luck befell me,

something of God,

divine fragment of creation:

a little pencil under the wet bed

and ten old yellowed leaves for the years.

In that flat space


full of everything possible,

I rebelled against tyranny,

night after night I broke yokes,

I raised proclamations for the underdog,

I made myself sun indoors,

ship close to the hand of the Creator.

In every line

where possible a small beam that slipped through the slit where the plate,


the air,

I was escaping,

until it doesn’t fit anymore.

Day by day,

somewhere scattered,

my greatest resistance rests in the sleeping verses,

little scraps of lost dreams that revive free

when someone,

by grace,

takes pleasure in reciting.

  • Reflection: the poem expresses the experience of a man locked up in a concentration camp, and how his only way of being free under lockdown was poetry.

“Freedom, reality on paper” (Juan Ortiz)

Currency to buy mirages,

I know about you what the books talk about,

what thousands of literati proclaim

at the top of the voice in the squares and alleys,

what the newspapers say,

the songs,

the hundreds of news channels Famous freedom poems

and how much means exists to make your body sprout from that hat from which peace also says to come.

Your most sublime concepts rest on the magnum charts of each emancipated land,

air color flag,

I dream to believe that the respite is worth something;

and the leaders mention you,

and with them the emissaries sent to all the surrounding area

to make walkers see that there is more rest here than there.

But the truth is that the foot wears out from so much asphalt,

and hundreds are dying,

so many as to pay with blood the external debts of all nations

and you don’t finish showing up;

you persist in dwelling,


the fine settings of the intellectuals

adorned with how many far-fetched words

and making understand

that who does not perceive you is crazy

and does not understand anything about development

and civilization.

Once I thought I saw you


after crossing the borders of the road,

but when stepping on the new lands

the concepts were the same;

you’ve never gotten off the paper.


strange reality,

I hope you like it sometime

visit humanity.

  • Reflection: the poem expresses how, in reality, a completely real freedom is never lived.

“Sonnet to freedom” (Miguel Hernández) Famous freedom poems

It is not that your children, with limp pupils
that barely admit to seeing their anguish
and minds that prefer not to know,
I love – it is that the roar of your Democracies,
your kingdoms of Terror, your Anarchies
which sea reflect my animosity
and my anger a brother dan- Freedom!
Only in this way will your tunes
crying melodies rejoice my soul, and
all the judges , with a bad whip and broadside,
rob the peoples of their rights Famous freedom poems
that I am not disturbed – and despite the facts,
the Christs dying on the barricades
God knows that I am with them , sometimes.

  • Reflection : the author expresses his idea of ​​freedom. Although the author appreciates the passion “of the sons of liberty”, he seems not to fully agree with its principles.

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