Ethics and morals examples/6 Examples

The ethics is based explain the rules and moral behavior of human beings in a rational and scientific way, through laws that legitimize this behavior in society. Ethics and morals examples

On the other hand, morality is related to the set of rules applied in everyday life by each citizen, according to their own understanding of what is right and wrong.

In a philosophical context, ethics and morals have different meanings, but they are closely related in matters of conduct of an individual in society. See some examples of ethics and morals:

1. Helping those in need

When someone asks you for financial help on the street or an elderly person asks you for help to cross the street, you have the choice to help or not.

However, morality, as it is more related to individual values, can allow you to reflect on that situation and offer the necessary help.

2. Committing unlawful acts

This is an important question to be reflected on within the concepts of morals and ethics. Ethics and morals examples

Illicit situations such as stealing or killing are, by law, subject to punishment and, morally speaking, they are not in line with the good values ​​and customs of society.

Therefore, committing illegal acts such as stealing and killing are considered by ethics and morals actions that have punishments, whether ethical, legal or moral.

3. littering in the street

If, when walking on a public road, a person has a package that he intends to discard, for ethics he should throw this package in the trash. This would be correct both ethically and morally.

However, she may decide to throw the package on the public road. By ethics this is seen as something bad, because in addition to littering the street, this person may be setting a bad example for other individuals to commit this same act. Ethics and morals examples

In a broader sense, the purpose of the two is very similar, as both ethics and morals are responsible for building the bases that will guide the conduct of individuals and the best way to act in society.

4. Skip queue

Another issue that exemplifies the reflection on ethics and morals is the action of jumping in line at public service places, such as banks, restaurants, etc.

The correct thing, for ethics would be to respect the order and wait your turn. However, this action is not something that entails great punishment and a person can commit if he thinks it is right to do so, even if it is not morally right.

5. Mistreatment animals

This is a very controversial and controversial attitude in the reflection on morality. Because it is necessary to take into account that in certain countries, each group or society has its own code of ethics related to this issue.

It is a fact, that morally speaking, mistreating animals is a negative attitude. However, in a given country, for example, using animals for scientific research can be considered ethical, due to the established code of ethics.

For another social group, which works in defense of animals, this attitude can be considered a disrespect to principles. Ethics and morals examples

6. Harm any coworker

In the work environment, it is common to have the so-called professional ethics, where all employees are supposed to act in accordance with these principles.

However, if for reasons of personal growth within the company, an employee decides to harm a co-worker, this attitude, whether for ethics or morality, is not considered correct.

In addition to this employee not being acting in accordance with the professional code of ethics, morally speaking, it is not something that society considers correct. Ethics and morals examples

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