DISC profile definition/impact of the DISC profile within company

Managing people well within the company can be a challenge for HR. This is because the sector needs to deal with different behaviors, skills, generations and profiles within the same environment and, even so, be able to make the most of the skills of each professional so that the brand achieves its goals. But thanks to advances in technology, there are some tools that can make this task more assertive, such as those that provide DISC profile analysis. DISC profile definition

This analysis is based on the DISC methodology and has four pillars. Through them, it is possible to identify how a certain talent can contribute to your team, identifying its hard and soft skills or even recognizing its weaknesses, allowing the company to develop strategies and actions so that it has a better performance.

So, what do you think about understanding a little more about this topic that is so important to modern HR, something that can make your team a high-performance team by valuing employees? If you were interested, read on!

What is the DISC profile?

DISC stands for the initials of each of the four types of profiles that underpin human behavior: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Compliance

According to the DISC, all individuals have peculiarities, such as strengths, motivations, forms of management and communication, among many other attributions that allow people to get to know themselves in greater depth. DISC profile definition

The DISC methodology has been an existing theory since the 1920s, when psychologist William Moulton Marston – who is also known for creating the polygraph and the character in the Wonder Woman comics – developed behavioral concepts for individuals in certain environments. Today, it serves as the foundation for various HR software available on the market.

Therefore, in a corporate setting, the DISC can become a great ally in the company’s development, based on a complete behavioral assessment of each employee on the team, through their profile mapping.

Still, this analysis is generally carried out via a questionnaire, prepared within an HR software with data intelligence , which provides greater efficiency in collecting essential information for good talent management

What is the impact of the DISC profile analysis within the company?

With the data obtained by mapping the behavioral profiles in hand, managers and leaders are able to understand in more detail the patterns of behavior and characteristics that predominate in an employee or candidate for the vacancy offered and, thus, can identify and be more assertive in the points that we will see below.

Recruitment and selection

By analyzing the behavioral profile during the recruitment and selection process, it is possible to identify candidates with greater adherence to the company’s values, that is, it is possible to understand, in a more strategic way, which professionals really have the cultural fit of the organization. DISC profile definition

Unfortunately, in many companies, the selection process is based only on the candidates’ technical skills, known as hard skills, but this is not enough to develop and retain talent on the team. 

In today’s market, professionals want to feel valued as a person. And in order to have a healthy and promising organizational environment, it is also essential to assess whether the professional’s values ​​meet those disseminated in the company. Something that is possible through the DISC profile mapping. 

Greater retention of talent

Carrying out a selection process is something that takes up a lot of time for Human Resources. Therefore, after finding that talent that the company was looking for, it is also necessary to retain him, implementing strategies and actions so that he does not feel like leaving the company.

So, the first step to make this happen is to put the right professional in the right place, performing activities that match your DISC profile. 

In addition, a team with a diversity of profiles, but aligned with the objectives, will have a better relationship, providing a healthy organizational climate, increasing motivation and engagement, which contributes to achieving the best results for the team. DISC profile definition

Decision making

The HR sector needs to participate in decision-making constantly. Therefore, knowing the behavioral profile of each employee, knowing the results achieved and the performance obtained by them in a given period, are crucial data for more assertive choices within the organization. 

Therefore, with the help of software based on the DISC methodology, collecting, working and storing the information obtained from each employee is much easier. This is because the process is automated, leaving more time for HR to manage people more effectively. 

Training and development of employees and teams

It is very common within organizations for entire teams to receive the same training and take the same courses, right? But wouldn’t it be much more effective if each employee received training or were directed to a specific training course according to the points in which they need to develop the most to perform their role better? The answer is definitely “yes”.  DISC profile definition

In this scenario, with the analysis of the DISC profile, it is possible to filter each competence in which your employee is better and worse, thus establishing an individual development plan, so that he/she qualifies and grows as a person and professional in the best possible way. .

In addition, when the employee understands himself in all areas, he can look for ways to improve his skills and competences to contribute in a better way and grow within the organization.

Did you see how the analysis of the DISC profile can positively impact your HR? Also, with the data obtained through the mapping of behavioral profiles, you can count on more reliable information about the company and its employees. Thus, HR is able to more strategically monitor its human capital in factors such as engagement, productivity and professional satisfaction with the organization. 

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