Cultural identity definition/elaboration

Cultural identity is a set of cultural traits characteristic of a particular group . These traits are responsible for defining this group, differentiating it from other groups and generating a feeling of belonging in its members. Cultural identity is about who we are as a group. And this identity is manifested from certain cultural traits, such as language, religion, rites, festivals, artistic manifestations, etc. Cultural identity definition

Even when an individual separates from his group, he carries with him this identity, that is, this set of cultural elements that link him to the group he belongs to. An Indian who moves to Europe, for example, tends to maintain his cultural identity even though he is physically distant from his home group.

But there are problems in this definition of cultural identity, especially when we take into account the globalized world in which we live. The globalization is a process that leads to connecting all parts of the world, through the increasing and easier flow of information, goods and people. This tends to make cultural identities less rigid, fragile or unstable. Cultural identity definition

Today, for example, people who live in opposite parts of the globe can share ways of thinking and acting. The contours that define cultural identities seem to be increasingly blurred. All thanks to modern communication networks, especially the internet, which make information, images and ideas circulate with ever-increasing speed.

Against this backdrop, some groups struggle to preserve their traditional identities. This is the case, for example, of indigenous peoples in Brazil. These peoples combine the struggle for the preservation of their traditional territories and their rights with the affirmation of their cultural identities. Cultural identity definition

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