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An undeniable reality in the labor market is that dismissals happen much more due to the incompatible behavior of employees than due to technical skills. But once you hire someone, firing is never a pleasant situation. Therefore, it is necessary to identify some characteristics in the selection process and, for that, there is the Cultural Fit test .

In this post, you will understand what this test is about, what is its importance and, mainly, how to apply it in your company, to avoid this cultural misalignment. Follow up!

What is Cultural Fit

It is about the compatibility that must exist between a candidate and a company, considering the cultural aspects. This means that when a professional has Cultural Fit with an organization, their values, languages, tastes, behaviors and purposes are aligned .

Once that happens, the candidate or collaborator will be inclined to do well in the role that was or will be entrusted to him. After all, he will be in a completely favorable environment, which directly impacts the satisfaction he will have in his work.

In addition, having culturally compatible professionals in your company is essential, as these are the people who engage and wear the shirt of your business, being seriously committed to the general plan of the company . 

Still, when people are happy with their occupation, they make the environment more pleasant and this reflects exactly in the improvement of the organizational climate. Cultural Fit Test

Cultural Fit Test

To identify whether candidates for vacancies in your company are in accordance with the culture of your business, you can use this culture test, which identifies which soft skills are highlighted in an individual, so that they are compared to the ideal pre-profile profile. -determined.

This mapping can be done in different ways, using various tools . Below, some of them are listed.


The moment of conversation between a candidate and the interviewer is crucial in the recruitment and selection process. It is at this point that you notice some behaviors that are probably only felt in a chat. 

Therefore, it is important to have an “extratextual” conversation, to identify these details. To help, it is recommended to create an interview script, that is, a questionnaire that will guide the conversation in a way that is objective and productive.

Guided Questionnaire

Questionnaires are great tools when well designed. In addition to direct questions, it is possible to structure them to generate inputs that are more visible to the interviewer. Thus, it is possible to create questions presenting possible scenarios and give answer options that show how the candidate would behave in that situation.

Through these multiple-choice or even open-ended answers, you can get to know better how that person’s behavior is , what values ​​they hold dear, what they consider right and wrong , in short, with a questionnaire, it’s possible find a plethora of relevant data that will help to choose the best candidate.

Some examples of situational questions that can be used in a quiz are: Cultural Fit Test

  • How do you feel on a working day with lots of busy people around you?
  • if your superior requested a demand, outside of what is established as your activities, what would you do?
  • if you witnessed a conflict in the company, what would your attitude be?
  • What would you do to motivate your team once you need them to complete their task?
  • if you saw a co-worker doing something that violates company standards, what would you do?

Each answer can show something about who answers the test. Certainly, the questions should be tailored to your business and your goals , but involving the candidate in a circumstance is a good clue to recognizing cultural conformity with the organization’s values.


Another ally in the selection process is dynamics. While the questionnaire encourages the candidate to talk about the way he thinks about a certain subject, the dynamic puts him in a situation that makes him show his attitudes in practice .

But a dynamic must have a clear objective, established in advance and must follow a strategy based on its construction and application. Therefore, to make an efficient practice, it is necessary to dedicate time and research to assemble it in a way that brings the best results.

Step by step to apply the test

Now, understand how to apply Cultural Fit.

Perception and experience of culture 

First you need to identify what is the culture of your company . Certainly, your organization already has implicit values, customs and day-to-day practices that are often ignored. Some behaviors may be so ingrained that they don’t even seem to be there, but they are. And that’s exactly what defines your company.

These behaviors are implicit customs that need to be mapped and considered, for example, if the people who best represent your company have a more executive profile, an analyst or are the ones who take the most risks. 

Still, what is the profile of your company’s leaders? How does the internal communication happen? How do decision-making take place? It is necessary to consider each procedure accordingly.

After making this behavioral checklist, it is necessary to make it clear to your employees that this culture exists and that the company values ​​it . It is even worth doing some internal actions to demonstrate the practice of this culture. Cultural Fit Test

Finally, people who are already part of your business must know and see this essence of the company in practice, on a daily basis.


In addition to having these actions performed, it is also important to document them. Make a file or even something physical, write what these values ​​are, what the established guidelines are.

Also, include assumptions you want for your organization. So, if in the process of identifying your culture, you noticed the lack of some soft skill , it is convenient to start working on its development. 

Establishing Test Objectives 

After identifying your culture, putting it into practice and documenting it, it’s time to think about the objectives of the Cultural Fit test in the recruitment and selection process . At this stage, you already know well about your venture and also know where you want to go. 

Therefore, you will be prepared to profile the ideal candidate for your company and build a suitable behavioral mapping to fulfill your planning and collect the appropriate data. Cultural Fit Test

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