Concrete nouns

Examples of concrete nouns

Concrete nouns?

The word that can act as a subject in a sentence is called a noun . Nouns, in this way, are names that refer to objects or beings. Concrete , on the other hand, is an adjective that refers to what is solid or that is opposite to the abstract.

The concrete nouns are naming a material element, and tangible and thus perceptible to the senses. For example: car, shelf, dog.

They oppose abstract nouns , which are those that name non-tangible elements, such as feelings, emotions or ideas. For example: wisdom, hope. 

Concrete nouns fall into the category of common nouns and conform to the morphosyntactic norms of the noun : they agree in gender and number with the adjective and the verb .

Examples of specific nouns

bed leaves glasses
door pants knife
wheel keyboard library
star hammer lentils
living room Zoo belt
hot school Water
tool book eyelash
floor fork message
steak monkey glasses
salad dog candies
guitar Sun pen
snow briefcase hail
man Petroleum castle
monkey hand mountains
explosion rain bird
drill metal watch
flower screw monitor
armchair lollipop plastic
building school sadness
sound grass car
boat allowance phone
hippopotamus Meadow jacket
stick sailboat notebook
keys satellite cot
ring headphones meat
mobile office rocket
temple room gun
T-shirt letters projector
razor screen arugula
Department elbow books
sofa container chair
gloves bullet plant
pencil deodorant printer
picture daily padlock
tie bottle wall
Map bomb lamp
television blind match
aluminum napkin iron
cloud refuge shoe
coffee Newspaper planet
college key radio
chocolate shirt computer
tooth pen House
wood light hair
cream eye lime
plate window party
Diver tree talking
ship hanger tooth


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