Anthropic uses synonyms examples in detail


The term anthropic refers to the human and all the actions that he performs, some of these related to changes to the environment. It is common to associate it with something negative due to the effects that have been caused. And it is that more and more ecosystems have been made artificial by the intervention of man. Anthropic uses synonyms examples

The term anthropic is also associated with the creation of man, in terms of theories about the origin of his existence. This word is directly associated with humanity and the changes that the environment underwent after the arrival of man.

More and more anthropological effects can be appreciated. This is not uncommon, since human populations have had great growth and with it a huge impact on nature has been unleashed. The more people in the world there are, the more side effects there will be.

Anthropic meaning

The word anthropic means “human” and is associated with everything that refers to it since its appearance or creation. In addition, the concept encompasses the interaction of people with nature. The term is studied by science and religion, with different theories based on the beginnings of the universe.

Anthropic is an adjective used to represent the modifications or transformations that man makes in different natural areas. Therefore, it refers to the consequences that man’s work has had on the environment.

Uses of the term anthropic


In cosmological science, the term anthropic principle is used. This refers to the creation of human beings and the origin of the universe. Here, it is mainly said that everything was created to facilitate man’s life. These hypotheses have generated great scientific differences among scholars of the subject.

2-Anthropic system

When we speak of the anthropic system we refer to the changes that nature undergoes by actions carried out by man. Many of these activities have caused great damage to the environment. Some of the elements that have developed due to the evolution of man are: Anthropic uses synonyms examples

– More industries.

– New technologies.

– Urban growth.

All these changes have been produced by the growth of the population and its adaptation according to its needs. This has generated multiple consequences with a great environmental impact, which threatens man’s own well-being. Some of these are:

– Environmental pollution.

– Carbon gas emissions.

– Deterioration in the ozone layer.

There are also anthropic risks. These are those unnatural disasters that are caused by the mismanagement of man. Human and natural losses can occur in them. Some of them are:

– World wars.

– Deforestations.

– Terrorist attacks.

– Oil spills.


As part of the changes made in the environment, in the geographical area, there is the term anthropic erosion. This is about the damage that has been done to soils by the extreme use of techniques to work on it. This results in the elimination of natural layers of the soil, such as the plant layer.


Also in religion, the term anthropic is used. He considers that there is a God who creates everything. It maintains in the first place that this higher being created the universe and the earth, adapting it perfectly for human needs. This theory is called the “Christian anthropic principle.”

Synonyms of anthropic

  • Anthropic: human – man
  • Anthropic system: artificial system.

Antonyms for anthropic

  • Anthropic: inhuman.
  • Anthropic system: natural system. Anthropic uses synonyms examples

Example sentences with the word anthropic

  1. The excavations of this land have done great damage and caused terrible man-made erosion.
  2.  Today we will study more about the Big Bang theory and how the anthropic principle is applied in it.
  3.  Many scientists are against religious beliefs about the Christian anthropic principle.
  4. There is a great warming on the planet, this may be due to the anthropic increase in CO2.

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